About Us

10K Beasts is a team of experts and well-experienced people who aim to share trustworthy and helpful information with other people.

These days due to the huge amount of new gadgets, people do not know much about them. At 10K Beasts, we provide information about interesting products used daily.

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Our Team

Muhammad Bilal Owner of 10kbeasts

Muhammad Bilal

Muhammad Bilal is the CEO, and Founder of 10kbeasts. And is also a product tester at 10kbeasts. He is a successful blogger and student of Chemistry. He loves to share his knowledge with other people.

Edward C. Wilcox

Edward C. Wilcox

Edward C. Wilcox is a high-end gamer and has a lot of knowledge and experience in IT, especially gaming types of equipment. He feels good to share his knowledge with people with genuine details and references. Feel free to contact him if you have any maintenance or washing issues with your car. And is also a product tester at 10kbeasts

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