Are 60 Keyboards Good for Gaming [Experience Has Taught Well]

When it comes to gaming you have to be sensitive, you have to be more careful than normal. Because in gaming you have real competitions. And being gamers we know good keyboards matter how much? By keeping this in mind today we are going to explore are 60 keyboards good for gaming. But before we start let me explain what is a 60 keyboard?

What is a 60 keyboard

A keyboard containing 60% keys compared to a full size keyboard is called a 60% keyboard. A 60 keyboard does not have a num pad, navigational key cluster, arrow keys, and function keys. 60 percent keyboards usually have 61 or 62 keys that greatly reduce the size of the keyboard which also makes it a small form factor keyboard. At the start, this 60 percent keyboard idea was referred to for mechanical keyboards but now this layout is heavily used for other computer keyboards. Now discuss some advantages of 60 percent mechanical keyboards.

Are 60 Keyboards Good for Gaming

Advantages of 60 Keyboards

As the size and layout change 60% keyboards have some advantages over standard keyboards these benefits are discussed below.

  • Due to their shorter size 60 keyboard need less space, that allows user to use mouse with keyboard easily.
  • As the size reduced material required to make a keyboard also reduced. Due to which 60 keyboards usually have less prices.
  • They are more ergonomic then a full size keyboard.
  • Easy to port anywhere. And they also look cool.

These are some key advantages of 60 mechanical keyboards over full size keyboards.

Disadvantages of 60 Keyboards

If 60% has some advantages it also has some great disadvantages for gaming.

  • No Function Keys. That really matter for keyboard shortcuts in the game.
  • No Arrow Keys. This can cause problem to some gamers.
  • No Num Pad. That does not matter much more.
  • Fewer keys greatly affect game shortcuts.
  • It takes time to adjust you with 60% keyboard. If you never used it before.

These are some disadvantages of 60% mechanical keyboard.

Are 60% Keyboards Good for Gaming

Yes, 60 keyboards are good for gaming, because 60% keyboards are easy to adjust, ergonomic for your wrist, elbow, and hands, portable, and inexpensive due to their shorter size. But shorter size also has some drawbacks but they are adjustable. So 60 keyboards are good for gaming.

The biggest disadvantage of 60 keyboards is the lack of function keys. Because there are a lot of gaming and keyboard shortcuts that work with function keys with the combination of Fn key. Do not worry now, because after a tough time engineers solved this problem you can use number keys instead of function keys with a combination of Fn key for gaming and keyboard shortcuts.

But the next problem may not have any solution for you the arrow keys. Being a gamer we know arrow keys have how important role in gaming although in modern games these arrow keys are completely neglected still they have some worth. If you use arrows keys in gaming then 60 mechanical keyboards are not for you. Wait, wait we have an idea for you, program some other keys to carry out the function of arrow keys. That will not have the same experience but it works.

Why 60 Keyboard Ideal for Gamers

End of the day 60% keyboards are heavily recommended for gaming by gamers and experts. Because 60 keyboards are easy to adjust anywhere, best for shorter desks, ergonomic, and inexpensive.  Furthermore, 60 keyboards have higher anti ghosting ability, have N-Key Rollover feature, and are rapid responsive that making them ideal keyboards for gaming.

Are 75% Keyboards Good For Gaming

Keychron K2 , Are 75% Keyboards Good For Gaming

Like 60% keyboards, 75% keyboard has 75% keys, here only num keys are removed, navigation key cluster, arrow keys and function keys are present in the keyboard. But empty spaces among keys are removed to reduce the size of the keyboard. Comparatively to 60 keyboards, 70 keyboards have more keys and there is a bit change in size. So you can prefer 70% keyboard over 60 keyboards if you have keyboard functionality issues.

Now the question is, are 75 keyboards good for gaming, yes 75 keyboards are good for gaming. Look at the 70 keyboard picture there is a bit of change in the size but functionality is greatly improved so 75 percent keyboards are good for gaming.

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Are 40% Keyboards Good For Gaming

Are 40% Keyboards Good For Gaming

No, 40% keyboards cannot be good for gaming, because 40 keyboards only have 47 keys containing English alphabets and a few more keys that are not enough for gaming. The 40 layout greatly reduces the functionality of the keyboard which will greatly impact your gaming experience because there are almost no keyboard shortcuts which is again bad for gaming. Although their shorter size makes them super adjustable, portable, and inexpensive.  If your game allows you to use such a short layout keyboard then you should try it.


End of the day 60 percent keyboards are good for gaming, because due to their shorter size, they are super adjustable, portable, inexpensive, ergonomic, have an attractive design, and are designed especially for high end gaming. 60 keyboards have some great advantages over a full size keyboard they are more ergonomic, easy to port anywhere, easy to adjust, cheaper, have a cool look, and require less space to fit so you can easily make a decision to prefer a 60 keyboard over a full size keyboard for gaming.

After the successful launch of 60 keyboards engineers also tries some shorter layout keyboards like 75% keyboard, 65% keyboard, and 40% keyboard but the only 60% mechanical keyboard gets viral although a lot of people like other layouts too but 60 keyboards are on the top for gaming. These are the final thoughts on are 60 keyboards good for gaming. If you still have any questions or confusion then comment down.

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