Are Black Switches Good for Gaming Still in 2023

This is a deep question are black switches good for gaming, you can say that yes black switches are good for gaming. Infect black switches are specially designed for gaming and widely recommended for gaming by experts. Here we are going to explore why and how black switches are best for gaming.

Why are Black Switches Good for Gaming?

There are several reasons that make black switches better for gaming than other Cherry MX switches. Black switches are totally linear, smooth, durable, and consistent that making black switches better. Although red is near to beating black, the difference is red switch requires 45 g of force to register a keystroke and a black switch requires 60 g to actuate a keystroke which makes black switches better than red switches in terms of gaming.

Are Black Switches Good for Gaming

Black switches are highly recommended for gaming, there are rare chances where you can feel black switches are worst but in reality, black switches are good for gaming.

Black vs Blue Switches for Gaming

Are Black Switches Good for Gaming

Obviously, black switches, the main difference that makes black switches better than blue switches for gaming is the tactile nature of blue switches that is highly not recommended for gaming. Because tactile switches produce a sound that can distract you from deep gaming. Furthermore, your quick key pressing experience will also go worst with tactile (blue) switches. So you cannot play competitive games by using blue switches. On the other hand, black switches are linear in nature that does not produce distracting sound when you press them. And also have a good experience when you press keys quickly. By looking at these points in deep we can say that black switches are better than blue switches for gaming.

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Are Red Switches Good For Gaming

No, red switches are not good for gaming. Although red switches have a lot of good things they are too light for gaming. The red switch requires only a 45 g force to press a key that is too small. Accidental key input chances are greater that will ruin your game in spite of red switches black switches are a little bit heavier than red switches that making a black switch better for gaming than a red switch.

Should I get Black, Red, Blue, or Brown Switches?

Its answer is not easy because everyone has his/her own taste and presence someone likes tactile switches. And others like a linear switch, someone like a soft switch while others like a heaver switch. So it totally depends upon you because all the switches produced by Cherry MX are good. But if you like quiet and quick responsive switches, try red or black Cherry MX switches. If you like heavier, tactile and clicky switches then blue switches are for you. And if need a way between them then Cherry MX Brown switches are good for you.

Black Switches for Gaming

The thing that makes black switches good for gaming is the tactile nature that makes them heavier. But here a question arises can these switches be a heaver for gaming? I think the answer is no, if these switches are in their natural form then they cannot be too heavy for gaming. They are dense but not enough to exhaust your fingers.

Are Black Switches Loud

Although black switches are linear in nature they produce some noise too. When you press the black switch with great force then a sound like a “thud” is produced that can be felt as noise. But this sound is not loud enough to interact with you in gaming and you can also overcome this noise by carefully pressing keys. So it is proved black switches are not loud.


Black switches are good for gaming and are primarily recommended over other switches for gaming. There are a lot of things that can make these switches better for gaming. But the main things are the linear nature that makes them quieter and their mediocre level of toughness.

Black switches do not have enough light to register accidental key inputs. And are not hard enough to irritate your fingers when you press them too quickly.

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