Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming [A Definitive Guide]

Are you looking for new switches (especially blue switches) or keys for your mechanical keyboard for playing games than you are at the right place here we are going to discuss it deeply are blue switches good for gaming.

mechanical keyboard with blue switches

Your gaming experience highly depends upon the types of equipment you are using gaming. And the keyboard is one of the major important things that directly impact your gaming experience so here we will discuss some important things that matter for your gaming experience through the keyboard. Such as switches in your mechanical keyboard but before starting let me explain what blue switches are.

Cherry MX Blue Switches

Cherry MX Blue Switches are blue-coloured clicky switches. They produce more noise than normal Cherry MX switches. These switches require more force to register and more time to ping back to their original position after a keystroke. That makes them slow and heavy switches from other MX Cherry switches. Note color indicates switch type for Cherry MX switches so their colored switches will have different properties.

Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming

No blue switches are not good for gaming because they require more actuation force and more take more time to be available for a click after a keystroke that making them lazy switches. So blue switches are not good for gaming and typing too.

While gaming you have to rapidly press keys but for blue switches, you cannot press and register keys due to the tactile structure of blue switches. In tactile structure, the switch requires more time to register a keystroke and it also makes a loud noise. While gaming you cannot bear both these issues.

Reasons why Blue Switches are Not Good For Gaming

The major reasons why blue switches in mechanical keyboard are not for gaming is described below

  1. Blue switches are loud.
  2. Require more time to register a keystroke and come back to its original position.
  3. Blue switches are not consistent.
  4. Loud Nature can disturb you while playing games.
  5. They are not enough ergonomic for gaming

These are some major reasons that prove blue switches are not good for gaming. But if you are playing basic games that are not much competitive then you can try blue switches.

Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming

How Noise Affects Your Gaming

As you know you can play games more effectively if nothing is disturbing while you are playing games. And if you have a mechanical keyboard in which blue switches are used then you will face a big disturbance in your gaming because it will produce noise and noise interrupt you.

Noise will distract you while playing highly competitive games where single noise matters furthermore if you are chatting with someone in your game your keyboard tactile noises will be delivered with your voice message and your teammates will also be disturbed by your keyboard noise which is hazardous to your gaming friendship.

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How Slowness of Blue Switches Affect Your Gaming

In gaming, you have to press keys too rapidly (Mostly). And sometimes how fast you press keys your winning chance increases. What if you cannot register the keystrokes too rapidly, that you required for that gaming session? You will lose the game.

It is just similar to blue switches because for blue switches you cannot register keystrokes as fast as you can. Because it requires more time for actuation and hence it will take more time for again available for the next keystrokes. These points clarify it blue switches are not good for gaming.

What Switches are Good For Gaming

It totally depends upon you what switches are good for gaming for you because everyone has his own taste for gaming and gaming accessories but here I can clear some important points that can help you to find out the best switch for gaming. These points are discussed below

  1. Silent Switches:  Inaudible switches are the best choice for gaming.
  2. Ergonomic: The most important thing that you should care about is your health. Select a switch type that is more ergonomic in nature while playing hardcore games.
  3. Minimum Actuation: Switches that require less distance and less force to actuate (register) are best for gaming.
  4. Less Tactile Feedback:  Switches with comparatively less tactile feedback on pressing a key.
  5. Minimum Rest Position: If switches take less time in the rest position on keystrokes then these switches are best for good gaming.
  6. Smooth and Consistent: Always select switches for good gaming that are smooth and consistent when you are playing games.

These are some important tips that you should care about before purchasing the best mechanical switches for a good gaming experience. All of these points are cleared by experts that have spent a lot of time in hardcore gaming.

The Best Switches For Gaming

Above I have cleared the major aspects that you should care about before selecting the best switch for unstoppable gaming. But here I am going to list down some best switches for gaming.

  1. Cherry MX Speed Silver
  2. Cherry MX Red/Black
  3. Kailh Speed Silver
  4. Razer Red Optical
  5. Gateron Red/Yellow/Black

These are the best switches for gaming. Now we will summarize shortly how these switches are best for gaming.

Genuine SMD RGB Cherry

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Specially designed for gaming requires a little actuation force to make your gaming experience unbeatable. And the key distance when you press keys is a minimum that allows you to play competitive games without any distractions.

Genuine German Cherry MX Switch

Cherry MX Red/Black

As blue switches are for typing, the Cherry Red/Black switches are designed for a competitive gaming experience. Furthermore, Cherry MX switches are tested for up to 100 million keystrokes, and still, they were working fine that making an extra edge to Cherry MX Red/Black switches or gaming experience.

70 PCS Kailh Speed Gold Silver

Kailh Speed Silver

As the name cleared Kailh Speed Silver is known as the best switch for gaming because they are ultra-fast and consistent. And also have a very short actuation distance that makes them easy to press and super responsive after a keystroke. But they are just a copy of Cherry MX switches although they are budget-friendly switches.

Drop + Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Razer Red Switches

Razer Inc is known as one of the best companies producing quality mechanical keyboards. And after mechanical keyboards, they are offering switches for mechanical keyboards that also have amazing quality. And Razer switches are best for hardcore gaming.

Drop Halo True Keyboard Switches

Gateron Red/Yellow/Black

If you are looking for super-smooth and consistent mechanical switches then you are in the right place. These switches are normal like linear switches but the thing that makes them special and best for gaming is ultra level smooth and super consistent typing experience.

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Cherry Switch Guide

Almost every big brand producing mechanical keyboards uses Cherry MX switches in their mechanical keyboards to improve the quality of their keyboards but the question is why they prefer only Cherry MX Switches they can produce their own mechanical switches or something else why Cherry MX switches? Hold your seat belts we are going to explore the reason why Cherry MX switches.

Cherry MX switches are powered by German Technology and are very reliable to any other mechanical switch. After Cherry MX switches last very long, a standard Cherry MX switch can easily survive for 50 million keystrokes and some switches are also tested for 80 million keystrokes.

After durability Cherry MX switches are found very reliable a rare incidents when Cherry MX switches cause problems so they have a big trust factor.

The important thing after durability is performance, Cherry MX switches are highly productive to make them more productive Cherry MX introduced a variety of Cherry MX switches like Cherry MX white, blue, red, brown, black, clear, etc models that greatly vary from their working principles.

Some are greatly quiet, some are a bit louder, some are louder switches, height difference, etc factors differentiate these switches from each other. This variety greatly occurs in target customers, every customer has their own taste so Cherry MX switches are available for almost any kind of customer.

These key factors make Cherry MX switches the most popular mechanical switch brand.

Are Blue Switches Good for Typing

Yes, blue switches are good for typing here is the reason why? Usually, typists love a keyboard that has a louder noise and an ergonomic structure. And blue switches have all these traits required for a good typing experience. Blue switches are a bit louder, and when you register a key you can feel a good vibe. Blue switches have long durability, and other Cherry MX features make blue switches good for typing.

Are Black Switches Good for Gaming

Black switches are considered ideal for gaming. Because black switches are considered the most durable Cherry MX switch, they may produce a sound when you press them. The main thing that makes black switches good for gaming is their sensitive nature which responds quickly and requires less force to press a black switch than making a gamer quickly press the Cherry MX Black switch in minimum time. Not only me Cherry MX switches are widely recommended mechanical switches for gaming.

Are Red Switches Good for Gaming

Yes, red switches are good for gaming because red switches are a bit quieter and respond faster, their sensitive nature has less actuation force, and work smoothly. And these are the ideal treats for a mechanical switch that a hardcore gamer looking for. Now the question is red switches good for gaming? has answered yes, red switches are good for gaming but they are a bit not good for typing.


Although blue switches are good for typing and strategy games blue switches are not good for gaming. Because they have a large noise on keystrokes that can distract you and your teammates furthermore this noise will also disturb your roommates which is not good. The second reason for not accepting blue switches for gaming is they require comparatively more time to come to their original position after a keystroke. This decreases your key pressing speed and you will lose your game. By keeping these points in mind you can assume blue switches are not good for gaming in a competitive enjoinment.

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