Are Cherry Mx Switches Linear

Cherry MX switches are becoming popular for gaming as well as typing and computer programming. But what exactly do we mean by this term? Are cherry mx switches linear or not?

In this article, I’ll explain the difference between linear and non-linear Cherry MX switches and provide some tips on which type of switch would best suit your needs. With this understanding, you can enjoy gaming with a custom-built keyboard tailored to your style!

What Do You Mean By Linear Switches

Linear switches require less force to be pressed compared to other varieties, making them perfect for gamers who want faster and more precise inputs. On the other hand, non-linear Cherry MX switches tend to offer more tactile feedback, allowing for longer presses than many other layouts.

Are cherry mx switches linear

Yes, Cherry MX switches are linear. Linear switches require less force to be pressed and have a smooth keystroke that offers consistent actuation, making them ideal for gamers who want faster and more precise inputs. The linear switch design allows for faster typing speeds and a more responsive feel than other varieties of switches. Linear switches also provide a more uniform experience as each key press is the same regardless of how hard the key is pressed.

The Cherry MX switch design offers a wide variety of different options when it comes to customization. For example, with the addition of O-rings, you can reduce the amount of noise made by your keyboard.

Keycaps can be customized to fit your preferred color scheme or add an extra flair to your setup. Lastly, lubricants can be used to make your switches smoother and reduce friction between the key and the switch.

Overall, Cherry MX switches are linear switches that offer fast actuation, uniform response, and customization options. This makes them a great choice for gamers who want to maximize speed and accuracy in their gaming sessions.

When choosing a switch for your keyboard, it is important to consider the type of gaming you will be doing. For instance, if you are looking for a fast and responsive switch that can handle intense gaming sessions, then a linear switch may be the best option for you.

Are Cherry Mx Switches Linear

If you prefer more feedback when typing, then a tactile switch may be better suited to your needs. If noise reduction is important to you, then consider choosing a switch with O-rings.

Which Cherry MX Switches are More Linear

Cherry MX Red switches are considered the most linear of all Cherry MX switches. This is due to their low actuation force, which requires less effort to press each key. These switches lack a tactile bump or audible click, resulting in a smooth and consistent keystroke with minimal noise.

Cherry MX Black switches are also considered linear due to their low actuation force and lack of tactile feedback. However, these switches do generate more noise than Cherry MX Red switches.

How do you know if a switch is linear?

To determine if a switch is linear, you need to consider the actuation force and the amount of tactile feedback. Linear switches have a low actuation force and lack a tactile bump or audible click, resulting in a smooth and consistent keystroke.

Non-linear switches typically have higher actuation forces that require more effort to press each key, as well as tactile bumps or audible clicks for additional feedback.


Cherry MX switches are some of the most popular keyboard switches available for gaming. While they come in a variety of types, from linear to tactile/clicky, each with its own different levels of responsiveness and feel, users should still be aware that they all vary slightly in terms of both durability and sound.

Understanding these differences can help you make the right choice when deciding which type of switch to get for your gaming setup. And ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer–it all comes down to personal preference. So make sure to do your research and find exactly what works best for you!

Do gamers use linear switches?

Yes, linear switches are one of the most popular switch types for gaming. They offer a smooth and consistent feel with minimal resistance and travel distance.

Is Cherry MX speed linear or tactile

Cherry MX speed switches are linear switches, meaning they do not provide any tactile feedback as the key is being pressed.

Should I get linear tactile or clicky?

The type of switch you choose depends on your preferences and the intended use of the keyboard. If you don’t want a noisy keyboard and tend to type lightly, then linear tactile switches are a great choice. If you prefer your typing experience to feel more responsive and enjoy more tactile feedback, then clicky switches may be the better option.

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