Are Corsair Keyboards Hot Swappable

Corsair is a well-known brand in the market producing quality products like keyboards, mice, CPUs, and other gaming equipment. As hardcore gamers, we know Corsair products are great for gaming. Today we are going to explore one on-demand feature named hot-swappable switches in Corsair keyboards. As are Corsair keyboards are hot-swappable.

Corsair keyboards are great and carry modern gaming features like RGB lights, ergonomic design, optical switches, etc. But the question is are Corsair keyboards have the hot-swappable capability. We will discuss it in detail but first, we will discuss some important terms. 

Are Corsair Keyboards Hot Swappable

What is a Hot Swappable Keyboard?

The hot-swappable keyboard means you can easily remove and replace the switches of your keyboard without de-soldering its PCB board. The switch plate can be removed by pulling it off from the bottom, while the keycaps are attached to the top side of the PCB board. This allows you to change the switches with ease.

Are Corsair Keyboards Hot-Swappable

Yes, but not all keyboards from Corsair are hot-swappable abilities. Only high-end gaming keyboards from Corsair poses hot swappable capabilities. Old and lower end models do not have hot swappable keyboards. But now most of the new gaming keyboards from Corsair have hot swappable switches.

If you want to buy a hot swappable keyboard from Corsair, you should first check out the keyboard manual and features list before purchasing.

How to Replace Hot Swappable Switches

To replace hot-swappable switches you do not have to be technical you can do it by yourself easily just follow the following instructions.

  1. In the first step identify switches you have to replace.
  2. Unplug the keyboard. And remove keycaps using a keycap puller.
  3. Now remove old switches using a switch puller or you can use a keycap puller too.
  4. Add new switches and adjust pins according to pin holes.
  5. Then gently and smoothly press down switches until they fit down to their positions perfectly.
  6. Now put back keycaps and test new switches.

These are complete simple step-by-step guides to replacing hot-swappable switches by the DIY method.

What is a good hot-swappable keyboard?

A keyboard that allows you to replace switches without desoldering the PCB board is known as hot-swappable keyboard. 

And a good hot-swappable keyboard is one that allows you to easily remove and replace switches without creating any problems.

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