Are Keychron Keyboards Programmable?

Do you looking for a programmable keyboard from Keychron then you are at the right place. Today here I am going to discuss are Keychron keyboards programmable, how to find a programmable keyboard, and a comprehensive list of keyboards that have compatible with macro keys programming.

Programming of keys helps us to do a lot of things with less effort, and if you are a programmer, gamer, or professional then you know better than me how much is important to have a programmable keyboard for nonstop typing.

Keychron is an underrated keyboard manufacturer, it produces a lot of amazing keyboards with wonderful features. Due to this, we love Keychron keyboards. But what if you are a die heart fan of Keychron and want to have a programmable keyboard? In this article, we are going to discuss all it.

Are Keychron Keyboards Programmable

Yes, but unfortunately not all of the Keychron keyboards are programmable. You can hardly find a few Keychron keyboards that have programmable keys. Most of the keyboards are not programmable. But here is a question how I can find which Keychron keyboard is programmable and which is not? Do not worry I am going to discuss this below.

Are Keychron Keyboards Programmable

What is a Programmable Keyboard

A keyboard that allows you to program keys for custom functions and commands is known as a programmable keyboard. Keyboard programming can really save your time and effort. For repetitive tasks, it is the best thing that you can do.

How to Find Keychron Keyboard is Programmable

It is very simple to find out about a particular Keychron if this keyboard is programmable or not. To find out Keychron keyboard is programmable or not you can follow any of the following methods.

Method 1. Check Keyboard Manual

The first and simplest method to verify whether a keyboard is programmable or not check out its user manual. If the keyboard has programmable keys then you can easily find it out through the keyboard user manual.

Method 2. Go to the Official Website

The second DIY method to find keyboard characteristics about its programmable properties go to the manufacturer’s website. Search for the keyboard model that you want to buy. Then check the product description, if a keyboard is programmable then here will be your answer.

List of Keychron Keyboards That are Programmable

It is a time and energy consumptive job to check each model for its programmable keys. Since not all of the Keychron keyboards are programmable. So by keeping this in mind we have compiled a comprehensive list of keyboards that have programmable keys. The list is shown below in the form of a table.

Keychron KeyboardProgrammable

This is the list of all the Keychron keyboards, both programmable and nonprogrammable identified in this list.

Are Keychron Keyboards Have Macro Programmable Keys

Yes, but only those Keychron keyboards that are programmable contain macro programmable keys. Since if the keyboard is programmable then only you can use macro programmable keys. From the above table, you can easily identify which Keychron keyboard has macro programmable keys and which does not.


Keychron keyboards are programmable but not all keyboard models are programmable. The “K” series is totally nonprogrammable on the other hand all the keyboards from the custom “Q” series are programmable features. After it, the “V” series is also programmable but unfortunately, the “C” series keyboards are not programmable.

Hope you have enjoyed the article and found your answer to the question, are Keychron keyboards programmable? If you have any questions feel free to contact us about it.

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