Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Typing

After using an ordinary keyboard over years for typing now you want to upgrade your keyboard to a mechanical keyboard. But before purchase, you have a question “are mechanical keyboards better for typing”. This question is often heard from newcomers in the typing field. Because they want to have fully comfortable hardware for their best performance.

Mechanical keyboards are widely used for typing, programming, and for gaming. Because they are super reliable and comfortable but may not be affordable for some persons due to their high prices. Although mechanical keyboards are heavily recommended by professionals due to their best performance.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Typing

For instance, mechanical keyboards are better for typing. There are a lot of reasons and factors providing a mechanical keyboard is best for typing. Overall mechanical keyboards have different advantages over ordinary keyboards. You can find this at What is a Mechanical Keyboard, Features, and its Drawbacks. But here we will consider only major factors that are yielding mechanical keyboards better for typing.

  • Smooth and Reliable Keys
  • Responsive keys
  • Custom keycaps and Custom Switches
  • Highly Durable and Long Lasting Keyboards
  • Custom Layout
  • Hands Protection
are mechanical keyboards better for typing

Now we are going to discuss these key factors thoroughly

1. Smooth and Reliable Keys

In order to have comfortable and fast typing, your keyboard should have smooth and reliable keys. This condition is fully filled by mechanical keyboards. In a mechanical keyboard, key are very suitable for typing due to these factors

a) Smoothness

While typing with a mechanical keyboard you will feel very good due to the smooth and soft key input mechanism. Keys in mechanical keyboards require a few forces to be registered against an ordinary key. Not only is key travel experience also good from other keyboards.

b) Reliable Keys

Keys used in mechanical keyboards are very reliable. Because there is a complete key input mechanism in the mechanical keyboard. Switches are used under every key to make keystrokes better and faster. Furthermore, if you feel a single issue with any key or keys you can replace it easily. Which is almost impossible on an ordinary keyboard.

c) Accuracy

If you are typing too fast then there is a chance of malfunction from the keyboard. Like it may miss a keystroke or it may not register a keystroke due to heavy load. But in the case of mechanical keyboards, it is nearly impossible. Because mechanical keyboards with modern technology integration can easily process input keystrokes even in heavy loads. That means your typing will always be accurate.

d) N-Key Rollover

The N-key rollover means how many keystrokes will be registered at the same time. It is also related to the capacity of keyboards to process input keystrokes in heavy load. In the case of mechanical keyboards, the N-Key Rollover value is around 7. It means if you strike 7 keys at the same time a mechanical keyboard will easily tackle these input strikes.

2. Responsive Switches

The biggest advantage of a mechanical keyboard over typing is responsive switches. As you know spring switches are used under every key in a mechanical keyboard. There should be good quality switches for better performance. Switches used in mechanical keyboards are highly responsive and efficient. And for more user convenience there are three types of switches used in mechanical keyboards. These switches vary from their working principle and result in a different user experience. But all these three types of switches are responsive and customizable. Responsive switches are the big reason how are mechanical keyboards better for typing?

3. Custom Keycaps and Custom Switches

It is right mechanical keyboards are designed using high-quality keycaps and switches. But sometimes due to different tastes people do not like a specific type of switches or keycaps. That is a big plot hole in ordinary keyboard designing but for mechanical keyboards. You can easily change or replace any keycap or any switch from a keyboard.

If you have a problem with your keycaps like a broken keycap or if the key mark is erased from the keycap. You can replace it with a brand new keycap. And if you do not like the existing keycap design you can replace it. Not only in the market there are some customized keycaps that are also available to enhance user performance while typing with a mechanical keyboard.

Switches are an important part of your keyboard and the most usable part of the keyboard. Almost 60% of your typing performance is associated with switches. And if you have any problem with switches. Like a broken switch, uncomfortable switches, noisy switches, or switches that are heavy to press from regular switches you can replace it easily. It is a bit of a long process from replacing keycaps but it is easier than you think. Just find out the right switch type for you and replace it.

4. Highly Durable and Long Lasting Keyboards

High durability is an important factor that you should care about before purchasing anything else. Mechanical keyboards have highly durable parts with a long-lasting life span. While typing there will be nothing to distract you for hours. That is the reason why experts manufactured long-lasting mechanical keyboards to provide reliable and trusty products to their customers.

In the case of durability, none of the keyboards can compete with mechanical keyboards. Each and every part of the mechanical keyboard is long-lasting. But the most important part that interacts with your typing experience is the switches used under every key in a mechanical keyboard. Cherry MX switches can last for 100 million keystrokes. And your switch will still work fine, they will not break or malfunction before these 100 million keystrokes but if something does not go wrong like a water spill or electric shock, etc.

Switches are highly durable but it is not enough. Other parts of the mechanical keyboard are also highly durable that increases the lifespan of the mechanical keyboard. High-quality materials like an aluminum exterior shell, copper power cable, keycaps, PCB board, RGB lights, etc.

Are they used while manufacturing mechanical keyboards? Not only can you repair or replace any part of your mechanical keyboard. That expands the lifespan of mechanical keyboards multiple times to an ordinary keyboard. According to lab research, a mechanical keyboard can easily survive for 10 or 15 years based on how heavily you use the keyboard.

5. Custom Layout

According to experts, the right equipment can boost your performance multiple times. Here is the reason why mechanical keyboards are better for typing. For different people typing styles vary and vary their keyboard requirements and the most required feature from a typing master is a custom layout according to their taste. Some require a big space for the wrist, no num keys, custom layout, or without function keys, etc. That all the requirements are fulfilled by a mechanical keyboard. In the market, thousands of different types of mechanical keyboards with custom layouts are available you can choose according to your needs. This feature is also included in ordinary keyboards but there you will find fewer customize-able features. Learn more about mechanical keyboard layouts at the Wooting blog.

6. Hands Protection

While typing intensively the most common issue faced by typing masters are wrist or finger injuries that greatly harm their typing carrier this is the most dangerous thing for them. But now you should not have to worry about mechanical keyboard cares for your health and protect your hands from injuries for non-stop typing makes mechanical keyboards better for typing than any other computer keyboard.

Smooth key travel with soft keys feels too soft to your hands which ensures a mechanical keyboard is best for a typing master. After it, a wrist pad or custom layout to protect your hands from injuries is also available in mechanical keyboards.

Those are the 6 major points that make mechanical keyboards better for typing. If this data is not enough to decide if mechanical keyboards are really better for typing you can check out professional typing master experience to find out why I am saying mechanical keyboards are better for typing.

Professional Typing Experts’ Experience

In a survey for mechanical keyboards experience, we find out that mechanical keyboards are liked by 90% + users due to their great performance. Most of the people surveyed are gamers or professional writers. According to gamers, mechanical keyboards are best for them, But they do not like clicky noise from keystrokes. Now this sound is removed using linear switches.

Professional writers said it is a cool product with expensive prices but it is worth paying high prices for mechanical keyboards. Related Source

Typing Speed By Using Mechanical Keyboard

Although typing speed depends upon the keyboard user, in recent years experts find people with mechanical keyboards type more words than those using a normal keyboard. It is a skill but it also depends upon your keyboard efficiency.

With a normal keyboard, you can write about 40 words per minute (200 characters). By typing quickly with a mechanical keyboard you can achieve a speed of 60 words per minute (60 WPM). In a year you can yield 80 words and by hard practice overhears experts achieved 150 WPM. That proves the mechanical keyboard is better for typing.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming

Yes, mechanical keyboards are also better for gaming. For the best experience, while gaming there should be some specific traits that must be available in a keyboard’s best experience luckily mechanical keyboards cover all these features to become better for gaming all over the world. For example, mechanical keyboards are highly durable, replaceable parts, full customization options, and high-quality materials made mechanical keyboards better for gaming.


Before purchasing the first mechanical keyboard a question arises in mind are mechanical keyboards better for typing. That is obvious because mechanical keyboards have a lot of confusing features.

Yes, mechanical keyboards are better for typing. There are several features and facts that provide a mechanical keyboard better for gaming. For example, smooth and soft keys, full customization options, a responsive key input mechanism, high durability, longer life span, user hand injuries protection mechanism, and responsive RGB lights make mechanical keyboard better for typing.

Furthermore, the answer to these questions like are mechanical keyboards better for gaming, are mechanical keyboards better for your hands, and are mechanical keyboards better for typing is yes. After finding mechanical keyboards are better for typing, gaming, and your hands I hope you are going to purchase a mechanical keyboard. Good Luck!

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