Are Red Switches Good for Gaming

If you are a gamer or someone else who uses a mechanical keyboard intensively, then you should know clearly how much a mechanical switch can affect your gaming. Here we are going to discuss are red switches good for gaming with proper details.

What are Red Switches

Cherry MX produces switches with different colors. Basically, their colors only identify the switch type only so do not confuse with the color of a Cherry MX switch. As I mention Cherry MX produces mechanical switches with a variety of their features. These classifications of these switches are based upon their color, working principle, feedback nature, and sound they are producing.

Now let’s discuss red switches, red switches are the softest switches due to their linear nature, they are quieter, smooth, durable, and require a few forces to actuating them. The quieter and soft nature of Cherry MX red switches makes them good switches.

Are Red Switches Good for Gaming

Are Red Switches Good for Gaming

Yes, red switches are good for gaming, red switches require less force to press, quickly responsive. And are produce almost no noise that making them very popular among gamers. But red switches are not totally recommended for gaming because they are so soft for gaming. There are higher chances of registering accidental keystrokes while using red switches due to which not all gamers use red switches. But it is not a big problem still you can say red switches are good for gaming.

Are Black Switches Good for Gaming

Are Red Switches Good for Gaming

Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX black both switches have linear natures but the only difference between them is red switches are slightly softer than black switches. That highly impacts their applications. Gamers love both switches but if you look at it deeply then you can find out black switches are slightly having an edge over red switches. Because black switches are soft enough to quickly press keys without any tiredness and hard enough to stop accidental key inputs, and they are also rapid responsive, black switches are primarily recommended for hardcore gaming. And red switches are mostly suggested as the best mechanical switches for gaming. Read also are black switches really good for gaming.

Are Red Switches Good for Typing

No, basically red switches are created for soft-hand gamers, so for typing, they cannot be the best choice. For typing, you need a tactile switch type like blue switches or brown switches but not red switches. Although red switches are soft, smooth, and quickly responsive these things can act in a negative way when you are typing for a long time. So red switches are not good for typing.

Are Red Switches Good for Programming

Again no, red switches are not totally good for programming, because they are so soft to press a key and they can register accidental key inputs. And accidental key inputs will ruin your entire coding furthermore you need to press a red switch completely to register a keystroke which is also a negative thing for a programmer because when you are programming your entire focus is on coding and a slight miss of a keystroke will create problems.

On the other hand, tactile switches can register a keystroke when you press them at only half so you should prefer a tactile switch like blue switches. And if you want something mixed then try brown switches because they are half linear and half tactile.

Red Switches vs Blue Switches

There is a big difference between Cherry MX red switches and Cherry MX blue switches, the comparison between red and blue switches is like water vs fire. Here water is red switches, and blue switches are like fire. The main difference between red and blue is red switches are linear and blue switches are tactile in nature.

Red switches

Red switches are linear in nature and require less force to actuate a red switch. And produce no sound when you press them. The other thing that can differentiate between red and blue is red switches feedback and almost no bump sound. So they are recommended for gaming.

Blue switches

Blue switches are tactile in nature which means they require much more force to press a blue switch and produce clicky noise. And have great bump feedback when you press a blue switch.  These features of blue switches make them recommended for typing, but they are not good for gaming. Here read more about blue switches.

Red Switches vs Brown Switches for Gaming

This comparison is close, red switches are totally linear switches while brown switches are half linear in nature. So here we have to look deeply at which switch is better for gaming.

Red Switches if you are a gamer then you are going to love red switches because red switches are quickly responsive, linear in nature, quieter, and require less force to actuate a key.

Brown Switches have a slightly tactile nature which means they produce noise when you press them and require more force to actuate them which can tire your fingers. If you use them intensively for a long time and also have bump feedback when you press a blue switch.

By looking at both switches you can say that red switches are comparatively to brown switches good for gaming. In other words, red switches are better than brown switches in terms of gaming.

What Colour Switch is Best for Gaming

For gaming, you have two options Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Black, but it depends upon you which switches is best for you. Because both red and black switches are best for gaming but with a slight difference, red is soft and black switches are a bit heavier than red switches. So it depends upon your personal preferences. If you like soft extra soft switches then red switches are best for you. And if you like slightly soft switches then black switches will be best for you. Furthermore, black switches are globally recommended for gaming.

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End of the day red switches are good for gaming, there are several reasons for it, red switches are, and linear, quieter, soft, smooth, quickly responsive, and durable furthermore red switches are primarily designed for gaming. So you can say that red switches are good for gaming but wait what about black switches?

Black switches are also designed for gaming and the difference between red and black is the force required to actuate a switch black switches are a little bit heavier than red switches which makes them more suitable for gaming. Moreover, black switches are globally recommended for gaming by experts. End of the day it depends upon you which switch type is best for you.

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