Best Ergonomic Keyboard For MAC

Are you looking for the best ergonomic keyboard for MAC? If yes, then you are in the right place! We have collected the best ergonomic keyboards for Mac users to help you to find the best ergonomic keyboard for MAC.AC.

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What are the Best Ergonomic Keyboard For MAC

A MAC compatible keyboard with excellent ergonomics can be the best ergonomic keyboard for MAC. But not all the ergonomic keyboards compatible with MAC can be the best. Today we are going to list down some best ergonomic keyboards for MAC operating system.

  1. Logitech ERGO K860
  2. KINESIS GAMING Freestyle Edge RGB
  3. Perixx PERIBOARD-613B
  4. Das Keyboard 4
  5. Perixx Periboard-612
  6. KINESIS Freestyle2 Blue
  7. Corsair K100 RGB
  8. Redragon S101

These are our top picks for the best ergonomic keyboard for MAC.

1. Logitech ERGO K860

Best Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard for MAC

Logitech ERGO K860


Connection Type: Wireless, USB

Backlit: No Backlit

Mechanical: No

Special Feature: Curved Design

Media Controls: Dedicated

We all love to sit at our desks and work for long hours. And when we get tired, we tend to take breaks. But sitting for long hours using the keyboard can cause health issues. Logitech has come up with a new product called ERGO K860. This keyboard is specially designed for those who want to work for hours without any break.

Now let us talk about the features of K860. First thing first, this device is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is a wireless device which means you don’t need any cables to connect it to your laptop. Also, K860 is very lightweight, so you won’t feel any burden while carrying it.

Next, the K860 comes with a built-in wrist rest which will help you to keep your wrists in a proper position while working. Now, let me tell you, how does it work? Well, the device comes in two parts. One part is the main unit which contains all the essential components. Another part is the wrist rest. When you open the K860, you will find a slot where you can insert the wrist rest. Once inserted, you can adjust the height of the wrist rest according to your comfort level.

Next, the ERGO K860 comes with an adjustable tilt feature. You can adjust the angle of the keyboard according to your convenience. Moreover, the device comes in three different colors. These include black, white, and red. All these colors look beautiful and stylish.

Last but not least, the K860 comes with Bluetooth connectivity. With this connectivity, you can pair the device with your smartphone and tablet. This way, you can control the device from anywhere.

Overall, I think this device is a great buy. It is affordable and looks really good too. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

2. KINESIS GAMING Freestyle Edge RGB

Best Split Mechanical Keyboard For MAC



Connection Type: USB

Backlit: RGB

Switches: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, & Silver

Special Feature: Split Design

Media Controls: Yes

The Kinesis Freestyle RGB is the only keyboard that can truly be called both ergonomic and mechanical. Its two halves are separated by a hinge, allowing you to adjust the angle of each half independently. This means that you can sit comfortably at any angle, whether you prefer a tall or short desk height. And because the halves are connected by a single cable, there’s no risk of tangling cables when you move between work and home.

The Freestyle RGB is a full-size keyboard with all the features you expect from a modern mechanical keyboard. Each key is individually actuated by a magnetic force sensor, which allows the keyboard to recognize every keypress. The keyboard uses Cherry MX switches, which provide tactile feedback and a satisfying click. A built-in anti-ghosting system ensures that multiple keystrokes won’t be registered as a single input.

The Freestyle Edge RGB comes with four different switch options black, brown, blue, and silver. Each scheme includes eight lighting zones, which allow you to customize the keyboard’s appearance. You can choose between four brightness levels for each zone, and you can cycle through the available colors with the FN+F5 hotkey combination.

The Freestyle has a few drawbacks. First, the keyboard lacks a number pad. Second, the keyboard’s design isn’t as sleek as the ErgoDox or Goldtouch models. Third, the keyboard’s cable is quite long, making it hard to tuck away when you’re done working. Finally, the keyboard’S switch plate is plastic rather than metal, so it may get scratched over time.

3. Perixx PERIBOARD-613B

Best Split Ergonomic Keyboard For MAC



Connection Type: Wireless

Backlit: No

Mechanical: No

Special Feature: Curved Design

Media Controls: Yes

This is the best compact wireless ergonomic keyboard available today. It is very lightweight and portable. It comes with two USB ports that can charge your smartphone at the same time. Its battery life is long enough to last through the whole working day. It has a detachable wrist rest which is very useful when you work for long hours.

This keyboard has been built with a unique design that allows you to adjust the angle of the keyboard according to your preference. It is compatible with both Windows 10 and Mac OS. Perixx PERIBOARD-613B has a dual-mode that includes 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0.

613B is a perfect choice for all types of users, including students, office workers, graphic designers, programmers, etc. 613B is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a compact and lightweight ergonomic keyboard that supports MAC OS.

It has a durable aluminum body with an anodized finish. Perixx PERIBOARD-613B also has a rubber grip on its palm rest area to prevent slipping. It has a comfortable wrist rest which makes typing more convenient.

The PERIBOARD-611B is a great product if you need a compact, ergonomic keyboard that will not break your bank account.

4. Das Keyboard 4

Best High-End Ergonomic Keyboard for MAC

Das Keyboard 4

Connection Type: USB

Backlit: No

Switches: Soft Tactile

Special Feature: Gaming Keyboard

Media Controls: Yes

Das Keyboard 4 Professional is a wired mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches. This model is made of aluminum and comes with a two-port USB hub, volume knob, and a rubberized top cover. It is available in black and red color options.

This is a very popular keyboard among PC enthusiasts because of its unique features. First thing first, it is a wired keyboard which means there is no battery issue. Second, Das Keyboard 4 has a full set of multimedia controls, including mute, volume, brightness, and power. Third, it has a two-port USB 3.0 hub which allows you to connect multiple devices at once. And lastly, it has a built-in anti-ghosting system which prevents any accidental keystrokes.

Das Keyboard 4 overall dimensions are 12.5 x 8.2 x 1.3 inches. However, it weighs only 5 pounds. It is lightweight and portable.

5. Perixx Periboard-612

Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard For MAC

Perixx Periboard-612


Connection Type: Wireless

Backlit: No

Mechanical: No

Special Feature: Curved Wireless Design

Media Controls: Yes

Periboard-612 is made by Perixx, which is known as the best company producing ergonomic products. They offer many different types of products, including mice, headsets, speakers, etc. Periboard-612 is a wireless keyboard that can work both through a 2.4G and Bluetooth connection. It comes with a dual-mode switch, which allows you to choose between 2.4G and BT connectivity.

Keyboard is very lightweight and compact. Its size is only 12 x 11 x 1 cm. It weighs only 0.5 kg. Periboard-612 is very portable and convenient to carry around. And this Keyboard is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac operating systems.

Periboard-612 features a detachable cable that allows you to connect this keyboard to any device. It works with all devices that support Bluetooth 4.0. It is a full-featured keyboard that includes a number pad, arrow keys, enter/return key, page up/down keys, home/end keys, left/right shift keys, and a space bar.

Periboard-612 is a very versatile keyboard because it can be used in two modes, either 2.4G or Bluetooth. 

6. KINESIS Freestyle2 Blue

Best Split Ergonomic Keyboard For MAC

KINESIS Freestyle2 Blue


Connection Type: Wireless, USB

Backlit: Single Color

Switches: custom membrane

Special Feature: Split Wireless Design

Media Controls: Yes

The KINESIS Freestyler2 is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard that can connect to multiple devices simultaneously. This means you can work on two different computers at once. Freestyle2 Blue features a unique design that allows you to adjust the angle of the keys. It also has a built-in stand that keeps the keyboard upright when placed on a flat surface.

Freestyle2 Blue is compatible with all Apple products, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple Watch. It works with any operating system that supports Bluetooth 4.0.

It includes a full set of multimedia controls, which allow you to control music playback, volume, brightness, screen lock/unlock, and many other functions. There are four media keys on the top right side of the keyboard. These keys include Play/Pause, Previous Track, Next Track, and Volume Up/Down.

Freestyle2 Blue has a total of 104 keys. Of these, there are 56 keys on the left side and 48 keys on the right side. The keys are made of ABS plastic, and they are spaced at 1.5mm intervals. They are also anti-ghosted, meaning that each keystroke will register whether you pressed the previous key or the next key.

Freestyle2 Blue has an adjustable tilt feature that lets you change the angle of the keyboard. You can choose from three angles: 0°, 45°, and 90°. The keyboard also has a detachable wrist rest that can be used separately or attached to the keyboard. Also, read Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard.

7. Corsair K100 RGB

Best Gaming Ergonomic Keyboard For MAC

Corsair K100 RGB


Connection Type: Wired

Backlit: 44-Zone RGB LightEdge

Switches: Cherry MX, Optical

Special Feature: High End

Media Controls: Yes

Corsair K100 RGB is a solid choice for those who prefer a comfortable keyboard for non-stop gaming. Its red lighting scheme is eye-catching, and it comes with a detachable cable for easy transport. 

Design & Features

The K100 RGB features a full-size layout with a raised island-style home row, making it ideal for FPS players. The keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, which offer tactile feedback and a satisfying click upon actuation. A total of 12 programmable keys allow for quick access to commonly used macros, including volume controls, media playback, and text formatting options.

K100 RGB’s detachable cable allows for easy transportation, and it includes a braided cord with strain relief. Additionally, the cable is rated for 10 meters in length, allowing you to move the keyboard around your desk without fear of tangling.


The Corsair K100 RGB offers excellent performance, especially in games such as Overwatch and CS: GO. The keys have a springy feel, and the Cherry MX Red switches provide a crisp response. The LED backlighting gives off a bright glow, which makes gaming easier even during dark conditions.

The macro programmable keys functionality greatly increases the worth of K100 for a high-end gaming experience. By macro programming, you can experience an unbeatable gaming experience through over recommended keyboard K100 as the best ergonomic keyboard for mac.

Keyboard Layout

Corsair K100 features a full-size QWERTY layout with a raised island-style home row. The keyboard is equipped to support Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and more.

K100’s detachable cable allows you to easily take it with you wherever you go. This means that you don’t need to worry about losing the cable if you decide to switch keyboards.

8. Redragon S101

Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboard for MAC

Redragon S101


Connection Type: USB

Backlit: RGB

Media Controls: Yes

Package Includes: Keyboard, Mouse, Gaming Mouse Pad, & Gaming Headset

Redragon S101 is a wired gaming keyboard with RGB lighting. This keyboard can be connected to any device with a USB port and has a detachable cable. S101 comes with a full set of multimedia keys, including volume controls, mute, screen lock/unlock, and power management functions.

Redragon S101 features Cherry MX Blue switches which provide smooth and responsive keystrokes. The keyboard also includes anti-ghosting technology, which allows multiple simultaneous key presses to register. The keyboard also has a 10-key rollover feature which means that when you press a key combination, all ten keys will be registered.

Redragon S101 has a 1ms response rate which ensures fast reaction times. The Redragon S101 has three brightness levels – 50%, 75%, and 100%.

S101 also has two USB ports which allow you to connect up to two devices simultaneously. 

Keyboard also comes with a detachable cable which measures approximately 6 feet long. The cable is made of braided nylon and has a gold-plated plug at each end.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard For MAC

Buying Guide for The Best Ergonomic Keyboard for MAC

Ergonomics refers to the design of a workstation or computer system that helps reduce physical stress on the body. In fact, there are many factors that affect how comfortable we feel while using our computers. For instance, the size of the monitor, the height of the chair, the distance between the keyboard and the mouse, etc. Also, read Best Mechanical Keyboard For Mac.

These factors should be considered before buying an ergonomic keyboard. Here are some tips to help you choose the best ergonomic keyboard for Mac.

1. Size Matters

When choosing an ergonomic keyboard, make sure that it fits comfortably into your hands. You want to avoid having to stretch your arms out too far. Most ergonomic keyboards come with wrist rests, which can help keep your wrists straight and prevent them from bending forward.

2. Comfort Level

It’s important to find an ergonomic keyboard that feels comfortable in your hand. If you have small fingers, then you may not be able to use the larger-sized keys found on most ergonomic keyboards.

3. Price

While price shouldn’t matter as much as comfort level, you do want to get something that won’t break the bank. A good ergonomic keyboard will last you years and years.

4. Features

Some ergonomic keyboards include extra buttons such as media control buttons, macro keys, and dedicated arrow keys. These are great additions that can really improve productivity.

5. Compatibility

Make sure that the ergonomic keyboard you buy supports OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Tiger.

6. Warranty

If you purchase a new ergonomic keyboard, make certain that it comes with a warranty. Many manufacturers offer warranties ranging from one year to five years.

7. Durability

You don’t want to spend money on a high-quality ergonomic keyboard only to find out that it breaks after just a few months. Look for a durable product that will stand the test of time.

8. Ease of Use

Make sure that the ergonomic keyboards you look at are easy to operate. Some require special software, and others need drivers installed.

9. User Reviews

Look for reviews online. People who own these products tend to like them, so they will probably give you their feedback.

10. Compatibility

Look for a model that works with all types of laptops, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, and more.

11. Weight

Look for an ergonomic keyboard that doesn’t weigh a ton. This means that it won’t add any additional strain when you lift it off the desk.

12. Design

Look for an ergonomically designed keyboard. Make sure that it looks sleek and modern.

13. Functionality

Look for a keyboard that includes features such as backlighting, programmable keys, and dedicated media controls.

These are a few points that should be noted before buying the best ergonomic mechanical keyboard for MAC.

FAQs for the Best Ergonomic Keyboard for MAC

Hope you have enjoyed the article and find out the best ergonomic keyboard for mac. But if still confused, and have queries in mind then wait. Here we are going to answer some frequently asked questions for the best ergonomic mac keyboards.

What is the difference between an ergonomic keyboard and a regular keyboard?

An ergonomic keyboard has been specifically designed to fit the way people type. It usually comes with wrist rest and other features that help support your posture and reduce muscle fatigue.

How long does it take to become proficient with an ergonomic keyboard?

There isn’t a set amount of time needed to learn how to use an ergonomic keyboard. However, if you practice regularly, you will notice significant improvements within a month.

Is an ergonomic keyboard better than a standard keyboard? 

Yes! The benefits of using an ergonomic keyboard are numerous. Not only will you enjoy a healthier lifestyle, but you will also save money by spending less on medical bills related to repetitive stress injuries.

Which ergonomic keyboard should I choose?

That depends on what kind of computer you use. You will want to consider the size of your hands, whether or not you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, and how many hours per day you work on your laptop.

Ergonomic Keyboard vs. Traditional Keyboard

There is a big difference between ergonomic keyboards and traditional keyboards. Although if you use the keyboard for a few hours in a day then it may not matter to you. But for those who do professional work or play competitive games, it matters a lot.

An ergonomic keyboard is specially engineered for user comfort with great functionality features. While a traditional keyboard is designed for the best user experience according to keyboard performance. And their user comfort is on second priority. Regards the Best Ergonomic Keyboard For MAC.

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