Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards [Top 9 Picks]

Since mechanical keyboards are the most demanding computer keyboards in the market that evolved mechanical keyboards into different types and categories, among them a great mechanical keyboard class is low profile mechanical keyboards, a mechanical keyboard with shorter in size or have shorter switches from a standard mechanical keyboard is called a low profile mechanical keyboard. In a low-profile mechanical keyboard, keyboard size or switches, or both, are shorter than a traditional mechanical keyboard. Here we are going to discuss the best low-profile mechanical keyboards.

What are the Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards

In these days, many companies produce low profile mechanical keyboards in vast quantity not all of these keyboards are good. It is tough to find out the best low profile mechanical keyboard from the market of thousands of mechanical keyboards, so we have researched and prepared a list of the best low profile mechanical keyboards. These keyboards are tested and verified for this list. Now the answer to the question of what are the best low profile mechanical keyboards is,

  1. Keychain K1
  2. HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard
  3. Corsair K70 RGB
  4. Cooler Master SK630 Master| Best Tenkeyless Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard
  5. Logitech G915
  6. ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO
  7. Alienware AW510K
  8. Redragon K614
  9. Perixx PERIBOARD-328

These are the best low profile mechanical keyboards in the market, and this list contains mechanical keyboards with different layouts and unique features. Still, all of these are low profile mechanical keyboards.

1. Corsair K70 RGB

If you are a regular mechanical keyboard user, you must hear about Corsair K70 RGB because it is always discussed in the category of best mechanical keyboards. It is a full sized optimum quality mechanical keyboard with a wrist pad.

K70 RGB builds quality is excellent aluminum frame is used to build the strong structure of K70 RGB mechanical keyboard. On the behave of strength K70 RGB have an attractive design. Although with wrist pad it looks some odd but still it has a good design. RGB rainbow technology provides you with thousands of colour combinations for the backlit feature. Each key in K70 RGB has multiple colour RGB lights that provide different colour customization features to make your gaming experience great.

100% genuine MX Cherry switches are used with anti-ghosting and N-Key rollover compatibility. You can play games as fast as you can, but your K70 RGB will not decrease your gaming speed infect. It will improve your gaming and typing speed significantly.

Still more! K70 RGB has 8MB built-in storage that can be used to store keyboard settings and RGB configurations as custom profiles. This works independent of external software, or the operating system is supported by K70 RGB. To control and configure K70 RGB features, a specific software, CORSAIR iCUR, is used iCUR is provided my Corsair technology. By using this software, you can program macro keys of K70 RGB, configure and synchronize RGB light colour combinations. Above all, K70 RGB has media keys with a volume knob.

By considering these points, I can say K70 RGB is the best low profile mechanical keyboard. But it depends upon you which mechanical keyboard is best suited for you.

2. HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a quality keyboard at a low price, then HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard is the best low-profile mechanical keyboard. Although it is best, it is more suited for professional writers than gamers, the gaming experience with HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard is also reviewed as excellent.

HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard is the smartest mechanical keyboard in the market. It has a thinner body with lightweight, which makes it an excellent low profile mechanical keyboard. Not only the keyboard size is slim switches are also very thin and smart and are suspended, which feels look cool. That looks like HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard is poor build quality, but the reality opposite it has a good built quality and long-lasting structure that makes the HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard worthy of listing here. To control RGB lights from the keyboard, the Fn key combination is featured. Above these features, it is compatible with plug and plays a part which means it requires no special software or driver to run with the computer.

Keeping these essential things in mind, you can say the HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard is the best low profile mechanical keyboard because it is thin, smart, lightweight, and easy to configure if required.

3. Cooler Master SK630 Master

If you are looking for a low profile mechanical keyboard with high-quality stuff, the Cooler Master SK630 Master is next on the list for the best low profile mechanical keyboard without Numpad. Cooler Master SK630 Master is available with different customization options like different layouts, switches or keycaps, and other color options that make it preferable to buy.

Cooler Master SK630 Master has good quality build structure. The frame and exterior shell are made from aluminum, the most robust material available for keyboards production. Keycaps are floating. The top plate is very slim, a tenkeyless design and minimalistic plot give you the best low profile mechanical keyboard. There are different customization options are available, but unfortunately, Cooler Master SK630 Master has no special software to configure, but you can configure features of Cooler Master SK630 Master from the keyboard itself. It has some secondary buttons to control Cooler Master SK630 Master RGB lights, macros, and other features. As it has nothing special software, so you need no driver to run it with any operating system.

Cherry MX switches are used in Cooler Master SK630 Master, making it extraordinarily soft, responsive, and precious. By keeping this in mind, Cooler Master SK630 Master is the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard.

4. Logitech G915

Logitech is the biggest brand in the world of mechanical keyboards. It has been a trusted company producing quality mechanical keyboards for years. As always, Logitech G915 is a high-quality mechanical keyboard with maximum features offered by Logitech LLC.

It is a wireless and tenkeyless low profile mechanical keyboard with enhanced features. With the help of wireless technology, it becomes easy to decide Logitech G915 is the best wireless low profile mechanical keyboard. It supported different wireless technologies and brands that make it safe from harmful wireless signals. The battery timing is perfect. You can play nonstop games for 40 hours with a single charge. That is awesome. And the build quality of Logitech G915 is excellent aluminum alloy is used to make it durable, good to feel, and splashproof. Low-profile switches help you to perform well, make faster keystrokes, and register unlimited keys daily without any problem. These floating keycaps ensure your typing experience to be good. If you look at other additional features like RGB lights, you will find Logitech G915 as the best mechanical keyboard.

Dedicated media keys are also present in the Logitech G915. Eight media keys with a volume wheel to adjust the volume, quickly play and stop buttons, network control button, etc., are present in Logitech G915 that making it worthy of listing here.

Although Logitech G915 is the most expensive mechanical keyboard on this list, it has all the enhanced and required features for gaming and typing. I personally suggest you should must try Logitech G915 at once if you are a professional gamer or writer.

5. ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO

Quality and design are the first two things that you should care about purchasing a mechanical keyboard. In the case of ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO, the build quality is excellent, and the design is also attractive, so we can discuss ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO as the best low profile mechanical keyboard.

As you discuss low profile mechanical keyboards, you should know that ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO uses advanced low profile technology to respond faster, recognize keystrokes quickly, and register them without any miss key input error. The only 1.8-millimeter key input distance allows you to input nonstop keystrokes comfortably.

To ensure high durability and long-lasting design, aluminum is used at an upper plate of ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO, making it strong enough to stand out in the market. Unfortunately, only three dedicated media keys are present in ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO, but secondary media keys are also present that can be used with a combination of Fn keys. Not enough, every key in the ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO is remap able to look good for gamers and writers. AIMO technologies created a special lighting software that controls RGB lights in ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO. About 16.8 Million colours are present on the keyboard. You can configure these RGB lights as you want.

These are some unique features that can matter before purchasing the best mechanical keyboard. Other basic features are not discussed here.

6. Alienware AW510K

Alienware has been an electronics company producing electronic devices since 1996, and their products are reviewed as the best electronic products, and in the case of mechanical keyboards, it is also best. Mechanical keyboard Alienware AW510K is the best low profile mechanical keyboard offered by Alienware Corporations.

In order to produce the best mechanical keyboard, they have appended some extraordinary features in Alienware AW510K. For functionality, every key is programmable for special commands, and high N-Key rollover compatibility features are available. Furthermore, they have integrated advanced low profile Cherry MX keys technology that feels good and is also very efficient for gamers and professionals. In addition, a USB pass over the port is featured in AW510K to connect the mouse or another accessory. Above these secondary media, keys are also present with volume adjusting roller. With the help of these media functions, you can quickly control your media, sounds, stations, and channels.

And the last thing that matters is ergonomic design AW510K has an excellent ergonomic design without a wrist pad to protect user hands design is slim and enhanced for user safety.

Provided that objects in mind, we can easily consider AW510Ka the best low profile mechanical keyboard in the market. Furthermore, AW510K is a product from the most prominent electronics brand Alienware that adds an extra trust to it.