Best Mechanical Keyboards for Programming In 2021

Programming is the most difficult computer job. It requires too much effort, a single word mistake can lead to a big failure. That is the reason why programming is a proven back-breaking job. And usually, the performance of the coder depends upon his or her keyboard because it is the most important part of the programming kit. Almost 70% of his work depends upon keyboard efficiency since he codes each word through his keyboard. If a programmer wants to improve his performance during coding he has to find the best mechanical keyboards for programming.

Generally, you can do programming using any keyboard but for better programming, you should have to find the best mechanical keyboard that will intensively refine your performance in coding. But now, let me explain, coding is done by inputting proper data to the computer and normally this data is in the form of words, and to input words, you need a keyboard. While coding you need to work for hours per day that may injure your fingers and decrease your performance in coding. If you miss a single word, or miss writes only one word it will impact results too intensively.

By using a better keyboard you can minimize the chance of errors during coding by a keyboard that will boost your confidence to program quickly and confidently. And for that sake, you have to find the best mechanical keyboard for programming. Here is a list of the best mechanical keyboards with their reviews to find out the best mechanical keyboard for programming. For assistance to select the best mechanical keyboard for programming in 2021 we have added additional information following the best mechanical keyboards list.

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Programming

Mechanical Keyboards are the most demanding computer keyboard that is the reason manufacturers are producing mechanical keyboards in bigger quantities. That makes it a bit difficult to choose which mechanical keyboard is best for you. And for programming, it becomes more specific to identify the best mechanical keyboard. Here we have compiled a list of the best mechanical keyboards for programming.

  1. Corsair K70 RGB
  2. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Mechanical keyboard
  3. Das Keyboard 4Q Smart RGB
  4. Redragon K551 and K552
  5. Logitech G915 TKL
  6. Razer Black Widow Elite
  7. Kinesis Freestyle Edge

This is the list of best mechanical keyboards for programming.

1.Corsair K70 RGB

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you are going to create a list of the top 10 mechanical keyboards producing companies then Corsair is one of them. Corsair produces high-quality mechanical keyboards with a lot of different models and for programming K70 RGB is one of the best choices. K70 RGB has five different designs with distinctive layouts.

Brief Introduction

In order to get the finest programming experience, K70 RGB has 8MB profile storage. K70 uses this storage to save important data about user experience and make sure to give the best typing experience. Switches play a major role while typing that was the reason K70 has five different sets of Cherry MX switches to ensure better results. K70 has an extra USB port to connect the mouse or another computer accessory. Furthermore, its aluminium anodized design gives an extra premium look and strengthens the keyboard for lifetime usage. For concentrated coding, we need a wrist pad to rest during long-term programming.

K70 has a detachable wrist pad for ergonomic requirements. The last but not least feature of K70 RGB for listing it here is Corsair iCUE software. This software is official software to program and customize mechanical keyboard functionality according to user requirements. By using Corsair iCUE you control micro programmable RGB lights of K70. Not only you can customize and program each key light and functionality easily. That is a big advantage of using a Corsair K70 over other mechanical keyboards.

2.Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Mechanical keyboard

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Mechanical keyboard

In the world of mechanical keyboards black widow, v3 pro is one of the best mechanical keyboards for programming and for gaming too. Although it has a lot of amazing features, here we will discuss only programming-related features.

Brief Introduction

Basically, black widow v3 pro is manufactured for the finest gaming experience but its build quality makes it best for programming too. Its switches are durables for 80 million keystrokes for each key that make it better for coding. V3 Pro includes a magnetic wrist pad with foam integration to make it comfortable for long programming sessions. Or you can buy it without a wrist pad to make it a budget purchase. And it supports both wired and wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity. That enables you to use it for two different computers without dealing with wires. Connect it to the first computer through a USB cable and use Bluetooth technology to connect it to the second one. Two different types of switch options are available Green Switches (Tactile and Clicky) and Yellow Switches (Linear and Silent).

However, everything is fine but unfortunately, the keyboard software compatibility circle is a bit small. If you want to personalize your keyboard through macOS or using Linux then there is no software available for these operating systems. And the programming of RGB lights using software is also a hard job for newbies. But you can customize lights using the Fn key system.

3.Das Keyboard 4Q Smart RGB

Das Keyboard 4Q Smart RGB

Das is one of the best and oldest companies producing mechanical keyboards. Accessibility features of Das keyboard 4Q Smart RGB make it to list up in best mechanical keyboards for programming in 2021. It is specially designed for professionals like writers and programmers. Before we start, let’s jump into the intro of das Q4.

Brief Introduction

As I mentioned earlier, it is manufactured for professionals like programmers. For that sake, developers created a model that provides the best experience without any interruption. They have used smart Cherry MX RGB switches that improve the performance of mechanical keyboards. The RGB lighting system is rigorously smart; you can program any key for anything. You can customize key lights for custom notifications, CPU usage, etc. Switches are durable for 50 million keystrokes per key. That is really awesome. And my favorite feature for coding is the N-Key rollover; Q4 is fully the N-Key Rollover.

It means each key you press will be recognized even if you strike hundreds of keys in a few seconds simultaneously. Last but not least, the feature is Q software compatibility. Q software is supporting software for mechanical keyboards provided by Das. By using Q software you can program any key of your mechanical keyboard, not only Q4, maintain and update itself using this software.

The design of Q4 feels a premium look. High-quality material is used and its layout is 100 %. That creates a problem for my partner because he used 60 % keyboards in the past. And now they feel a long distance from using a mouse due to its 100% layout.

4.Redragon K551 and K552

Redragon K551

Redragon is now producing the best budget mechanical keyboards, these keyboards are high quality but with the lowest price. K551 and K552 both are the best mechanical keyboards for programming yet with different keyboard layouts. K551 has a 100% layout and on the other hand, K552 has a 60% layout with 87 keys.

Brief Introduction

Redragon built these mechanical keyboards for fast key input mechanisms with medium resistance that produce a little noise. Cherry MX switches provide ultra-fast and reliable keystrokes every time. The backlit anti-ghosting feature provides nonstop typing without any interruption. Extra 12 keys assist you while continuous coding. The metallic splash-proof design makes it feel attractive during programming big projects. The Advanced RGB lighting system and ergonomic design make it best for programming in 2021. You can customize RGB lights to different patterns like the rainbow and 5 other lighting modes are available. ABS construction material makes it highly durable while coding intensive and the last but not the least feature of Redragon K551/2 is OS compatibility with both Windows and MAC OS.

Heavyweight may cause problems to those people who use the keyboard at different locations and it also increases the chance of damage caused by falling off the keyboard. And the second drawback is no space to grip the keyboard from the edges but both these two problems do not affect the programming experience of users.

5.Logitech G915 TKL

logitech g915

In order to get the best mechanical keyboard for programming at the lowest price and with high quality then you should try the Logitech G915 TKL. G915 TKL is the best wireless mechanical keyboard for programming and gaming too. Without wasting any more time let’s jump into the intro.

Brief Introduction

The first thing that brings G915 TKL into the list of best mechanical keyboards for programming is light speed functionality. It is super flexible and fast. Your typing speed will automatically increase by touching G915 TKL. It can last for 40 hours without recharging the battery. By using Logitech G hub software you can customize RGB lighting to 16.8 M colors, and try different RGB light patterns.

The most important feature of G915 TKL for programming is low profile switches that offer high durability with a fast and smooth experience and G915 TKL has three switch options, GL Linear, GL Tactile, or GL Clicky. If you have to use a mouse during typing then it is a good choice to use a G915 TKL because without num keys it is comparatively less wide and provides reachable space for the really helpful mouse. My favorite feature is compatibility with two different performance modes: light speed and high-performance modes. And you can connect it to multiple devices at a time by using a USB cable and wireless technology.

The external case is built with aluminum alloy that feels premium looking and touch and its unique design will attract hands to touch it. Extra accessibility keys forced me to not stop typing without using a mouse, That is awesome.

6.Razer Black Widow Elite

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless Mechanical keyboard

Razer is producing a lot of mechanical keyboards every year. All these models are awesome but they are specific for different purposes for programming. They manufactured a variety of models with different designs. Razer BlackWidow Elite is one the best mechanical keyboard invented by Razer for programming.

Brief Introduction

You can remap any key or combination of keys using Razer hyper shift. Razer hyper shift allows users to program complex tasks using the remapping of keys. RGB color combination is also programmable there are more than 30 different color patterns available for Black Widow Elite and 16.8 M color combinations are available for backlit functionality. Only 50 G forces are required to press a key that enables you to press thousands of keys without taking a single rest. For ergonomic requirements, a magnetic wrist pad is available to rest after a long programming burden.

The most important thing that makes it perfect for programming is the high durability of switches. Each switch of Black Widow Elite is durable for up to 80 million keystrokes that add extra value to the lifespan of Black Widow Elite. These are some major features of Razer Black Widow Elite that make it the best mechanical keyboard for programming.

Unfortunately, software available for customization and programming often offers different problems and errors. Furthermore, it is only available for Windows operating systems, if you are going to use it for MAC OS or Linux OS then you may have problems customizing your mechanical keyboard. But onboard memory safe important settings and can offer a better experience over time. Despite that Razer Black Widow Elite is the best choice for programming.

7.Kinesis Freestyle Edge

Kinesis Freestyle Edge

Kinesis freestyle is a fully fantastic mechanical keyboard. Unique design, ergonomic style, and it are compatible with every operating system, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Chrome, and iOS (Apple) operating systems that make it the best mechanical keyboard for programming.

Brief Introduction

The biggest reason to list it here is the bisected design of Kinesis FreeStyle Edge, it means Kinesis FreeStyle Edge has two different halves to use, the first part is for the left hand and the second part is ergonomically designed for the right hand you can posture these two halves according to your needs. And you can use the mouse in the space between these halves that adds extra value to its ergonomic design. Not only leathered wrist pads are available for both parts to completely provide a comfortable experience while coding and gaming.

It looks like extra software is required to use this keyboard but it fully supports plug and plays input. Just insert a USB cable into your computer and start typing without installing special programs.

Kinesis Freestyle Edge has 95 keys without num keys but all these keys are programmable according to requirements. Dedicated smart keys, remap-able functionality, and RGB customization features make it the best mechanical keyboard for programming.

Kinesis FreeStyle Edge is the best keyboard but it totally depends upon you to try a unique keyboard for the first time. For my testing partners, it is a great experience as they feel like they are typing in clouds. One has issues with software functioning but it is alright. If you want to do hardcore programming then we recommend trying Kinesis FreeStyle Edge for a fantastic coding experience.

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Mechanical Keyboard For Programming

Programming is the most important work done by keyboards. Anyone can do programming if he knows something about it but not every keyboard is good for programming. However, you can do programming from any keyboard but results vary from keyboard to keyboard. If you are using an ordinary keyboard then results will be different, if you are using a mechanical keyboard or scissor keyboard then results will vary greatly even from model to model results vary.


What is a Mechanical Keyboard, Features, and its Drawbacks

There are a lot of different reasons why mechanical keyboards are better for programming. Typing experience, key travel distance, high durability, and ergonomic design are some major grounds to make mechanical keyboards better for programming.

  1. High Durability
  2. Longer Lifespan
  3. Strong Exterior Shell
  4. Ergonomic Design
  5. N-Key Rollover
  6. Responsive Switches
  7. Extra Buttons
  8. Programmable Keys

These are the 8 major reasons to consider before purchasing a mechanical keyboard for programming. Let’s discuss them in detail.

High Durability

In order to do nonstop coding without any hesitation, you need a keyboard that will last easily after a heavy burden. Mechanical keyboards are very durable over other keyboards. Each key switch of a mechanical keyboard is durable for up to 50 million keystrokes, which is fantastic for coding.

If you are going to buy a mechanical keyboard for programming then first check its durability because the durability of mechanical keyboards varies, some are highly durable and some are so sensitive that after heavy burden they cannot last. So first verify if it is really good for you.

Longer Lifespan

Lifespan means how much time the keyboard will last if everything is normal with it. That really matters for programming. After programming at a specific keyboard, your performance is highly boosted but now it is dependent on your keyboard. If you change your keyboard after short time intervals then you cannot do the best and most effective programming. Try to find a keyboard with a longer life span.

Mechanical keyboards can last for up to 10 to 15 years depending upon your behavior with the keyboard. Try to find a mechanical keyboard with a longer lifespan.

Strong Exterior Shell

Although the strength of a mechanical keyboard does not affect your programming experience directly but indirectly does. You know when you are coding with great passion you become rude to your keyboard and if your keyboard is not strong enough it will break soon so try to purchase a mechanical keyboard that can last these types of conditions. And if you transfer your keyboard from one position to another location then you know it is too risky to have a soft keyboard.

Ergonomic Design

While programming it is necessary to protect your hands from injuries in past due to due to few knowledge people injured their hands from hardcore typing and caused a big disruption in their carrier.  And for productive programming, your hands should be safe from these kinds of risks.

Mechanical keyboards are built according to ergonomic requirements and some models consist of wrists pads to comfort user hands while typing. Keycaps are built with finger-friendly material to ensure that no hand injury risk is available.

If you want to purchase the best mechanical keyboard for programming then care about the ergonomic requirements of your new mechanical keyboard.

N-Key Rollover

It means the ability of the keyboard to analyze keystrokes done at a time simultaneously. And it is very important for programmers. As a programmer when you are at peak position you press keys too simultaneously, hundred f keys per second. But for the keyboard, it is very difficult to analyze and remember these key inputs because they have no artificial intelligence properties. Keyboards that can do it are called N-Key Rollover compatible keyboards. Usually, normal keyboards have few n-key rollover values but mechanical keyboards have n-key rollover values from 10 to unlimited. Find a mechanical keyboard with maximum n-key rollover value because it will greatly grow your coding experience over time.

Responsive Switches

While coding you are pressing keys intensively. Some keys are fully pressed, some are partially touched due to the high speed of fingers and some keys are pressed accidentally. It is a very hard job to maintain high speed and press keys carefully and it is also difficult for a keyboard to recognize these keystrokes correctly at the fastest rate. That was the reason highly responsive switches became a major need for programmers.

Switches in mechanical keyboards are often highly responsive but it depends upon the type of switch used. Cherry MX switches are the best choice for responsive switches, some other brands are also available. Check the responsive ability of these switches according to your requirements to find the best mechanical keyboard for programming.

Extra Buttons

For me, it is very painful to use a mouse during intensive programming. But what if I can do it from my keyboard? That was the reason engineers add extra buttons to mechanical keyboards for better performance but unfortunately, these buttons are for gamers like media buttons and volume buttons. But some keyboards have some more extra buttons that can be effective during programming so try to find a mechanical keyboard that has extra buttons that can help you during fast coding.

Programmable Keys

During coding, you have to do different tasks that can interrupt you and decrease your coding performance but what if you can do these jobs easily by just pressing one key or a combination of keys. That will be very helpful while programming. In mechanical keyboards, you can program your mechanical keyboard switches according to your requirements but the extent of programming differs from keyboard to keyboard. Some keyboards allow you to do special key programming partially but some offer full control to program or remap any key from your mechanical keyboard. For purchasing a new mechanical keyboard first check the programmable key features to ensure the best programming experience with that keyboard.

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Mechanical Keyboard For Programming

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Programming

Yes, mechanical keyboards are better for programming. There are some certain features required to do programming effectively. If these features are available then your keyboard is better for programming. Here I am going to provide some of those key features that make mechanical keyboards better for programming. High durability, longer lifespan, customization options for lights and keys, high n-key rollover value, ergonomic design, different OS compatibility, and responsive switches are some of the best features from mechanical keyboards that make mechanical keyboards better for programming. Furthermore, smooth keys make it reliable to type with mechanical keyboards over a long period for programming without relaxing your fingers that make mechanical keyboards better for programming.

Best Mechanical Keyboards for Coding