Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 100 in 2022 [Top 5 Picks]

Mechanical keyboards are the most expensive computer keyboards. Because they are built with high-quality material to provide a perfect user experience. Mechanical keyboards have a unique design, a smooth key input mechanism, RGB lights, high-quality material, and it improves your typing experience multiple times that making it so expensive. Here we provided a list of the best mechanical keyboards under 100 $.

Although awesome mechanical keyboards are not cheap to $100. But in the market you can find some amazingly low price mechanical keyboards, however, they cannot be the best as expensive mechanical keyboards but they are still mechanical keyboards to provide the finest user experience.

Considering it in mind we prepared a list of the best mechanical keyboards under 100 $ for low-budget mechanical keyboard fans. Each mechanical keyboard is tested and carefully reviewed to provide better analytical data to readers to find the best mechanical keyboard.

What are the Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 100 Dollar

If you are going to buy the best mechanical keyboard under $100 then it will be a hard job because mechanical keyboards are so expensive and a little amount of best mechanical keyboards exist under 100 dollars. And mostly these mechanical keyboards do not have high-quality material and do not last long. So we have researched and collected data for mechanical keyboards under 100 dollars and created a list for best mechanical keyboards under $100. This list contains only the best and highly productive mechanical keyboards that really worth 100 dollars. The best mechanical keyboards under 100 dollars are,

  1. Redragon K 556 RGB
  2. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
  3. GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  4. Steel Series Apex 5 Hybrid
  5. Durgod Taurus K320

These are the best mechanical keyboards under $100, we have collected.

Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 100

Redragon K 556 RGB

Redragon K556 RGB LED
  • Metalic Structure
  • Wired
  • 100% Layout
  • Brown Switches
  • 18 Backlit Modes
  • 104 Keys
  • Ergonomic Design

The most important feature of the redragon K556 is 104 keys on the keyboard, usually, mechanical keyboards under 100 $ do not have all the keys (Num Keys + Function Keys) But it does not contain extra keys features like volume control keys, network keys, etc. If you are a hardcore gamer then it is for you. Because it is the cheapest mechanical keyboard for hardcore gaming.

RGB lighting configuration is wonderful with different color schemes. Not only that, you can customize the lighting style and design of your mechanical keyboard using supported mechanical keyboard managing software such as macros and other light configurations. These lights are specially built to power typing feelings during hardcore gaming.

1.18-kilogram and 43.51 x 12.4 x 4.04 cm dimensions feel heavy to computer setup but it is really worth it to use such a heavy and big mechanical keyboard. Keystroke feedback sounds good for a normal keyboard user. However, it is a bit loud for silent lover writers but using the switch customization feature you can overcome this issue easily.

All things considered, Redragon K556RGB is the best choice to buy a potential mechanical keyboard for under 100 $.

  • High-Quality Keycaps
  • Macro Functionality
  • A big RGB functionality
  • Aluminum Design
  • You can Create three Profiles
  • Lack of onboard Memory for Profiles
  • No dedicated Macro Keys

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

In order to purchase a mechanical keyboard with lightweight then you should look at hyper X alloy FPS pro. The lightest mechanical keyboard with high-quality stuff is hyper X alloy FPS pro. Its weight is only 0.8 Kilograms (816 grams).

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
  • Both Tenkeyless and Full Size Layout Available
  • Colour Red/Blue
  • 87 Keys
  • Cherry MX Switches are used
  • Secondary Media Keys

It includes a battery to power additional features of mechanical keyboards like RGB lights, gaming mode, etc. Furthermore, FPS RGB has a USB input slot to connect additional accessories to the keyboard but for power out purposes like mobile charging, etc.

FPS pro is capable of working with game consoles too normally mechanical keyboards under 100 $ do not have these kinds of features but FPS Pro is compatible with both computer technology and game console technology that make it perfect for low-budget gamers. When you need to connect it to the computer and when you need to connect to the game console.

The keyboard is available with different customization features such that switch types, keyboard size, etc. that you can use before purchasing FPS pro. By default, FPS pro has red color lighting that makes it feel awkward but its unique design will look attractive. To control brightness you can use the Fn key to increase or decrease the brightness of red lights.

Fps pro contains two USB head cables, one for the keyboard and the second for RGB lights. The key input mechanism is reliable but it does not have num keys. And accessory keys are also absent but you can use accessory key features by using the Fn key.

To make it good you replace the keycaps of your FPS with high-quality keycaps because FPS pro keycaps are cheap. You will feel odd after using it for some months. For almost $80 you will find such a keyboard but it has only low-quality keycap stuff that you can replace easily.

Cherry MX switches are used in FPS pro, which is really worth it for better mechanical keyboards. Cherry MX switches are the most smooth and reliable mechanical keyboard switches with different customization features. For FPS pro you can get Cherry MX Blue or Cherry MX red switches.

The bottom of FPS pro is integrated using plastic, this unusual but to make it low price they have to do this. The upper side of the FPS pro case is built with metal and a steel frame is used to make it low cost and strong too.

Overall FPS pro is a perfect mechanical keyboard under 100 $, some cheap material is used to make it low price but mostly it is not functioning parts and main functioning parts like PCB board, switches, etc are built with high-quality stuff that is worth it to add this list.

GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you want a mechanical keyboard with high-quality stuff but a low price then try the GK61 mechanical gaming keyboard. It has almost every feature that is included in a standard mechanical keyboard.

gk61 best mechanical keyboard Under 100
  • 60% Layout
  • Hot Swap Able
  • Optical Switches
  • Abs Doubleshot Keycaps
  • Macro Software Support
  • Compatible with Mac And Windows
  • 16.8 Million RGB Backlit Combinations

The first thing that impressed me was the RGB light functionality. Being human we feel bored after using the same design but in GK61 you can change RGB lights color combinations and create a new attractive look for your keyboard. It is easy to configure these RGB lights using any mechanical keyboard RGB light control software. This feature feels too impressive for me.

Although the GK61 feels good, its shorter size is not comfortable for me. Being a writer and gamer I use full-sized keyboards that is the reason why it is not for me. It has no num pad and arrow keys are also merged with other keys that look like a laptop keyboard. But if you already have experience with 60% keyboards then it is good for me. However, they included these missing keys by using the Fn key mechanism. In the picture, you can see almost every key is included but merged with other keys.

The hot-swappable feature is really awesome, although there are only 2 switch customization options when you buy GK61. You can change switches easily and safely at home due to the hot-swappable compatibility of GK61. Being a gamer and writer sometimes a few specific switches are used too many times. And they can create a problem for me in the future. But now I do not have to care about it because if something goes wrong with any switch I will replace it at home. Not only in GK61 double shot keycaps are used for me have they felt smooth and shiny.

To put it another way, GK61 helped me a lot. The built-in macros recording feature is awesome. Macros recording means you can record your keystrokes for a particular time and use these records in the future or you can view these records for analytical purposes. Not only you can look at your child’s activity by recording what they do using your mechanical keyboard.

All things considered, GK61 is the best mechanical keyboard under 100 but short the size of the keyboard to make it cheaper but keyboard performance is not cheaper like its price. If you have experience with 60% of the keyboard then you should not use this mechanical keyboard.

Steel Series Apex 5 Hybrid

If you are new to mechanical keyboards and love membrane keyboards then you should try a hybrid mechanical keyboard with membrane keyboard integration. Apex 5 Hybrid is a hybrid mechanical keyboard as it cleared from its name.

best mechanical keyboards
  • 100% Layout
  • Habrid Mechanical Switches are Used
  • Aluminium Alloy Fram
  • Quality Wrist Rest Mechanism
  • Wired
  • 104 Keys
  • Dedicated Multimedia Controls

The first thing that brings it to this list is a complete mechanical keyboard under 100. Good looking and improved version of a membrane keyboard with mechanical keyboard integration. Basically, it is not a membrane keyboard. When you stroke a key it feels like you are pressing a key of a membrane keyboard. The first time it is pressed by a new user it feels confusing but keys are smooth and tactile.

A wrist pad is included in this keyboard that I found helpful for me. Before mechanical keyboards, I never heard about a wrist pad in a keyboard. But now I want to say it is very helpful. Although it does not contain any soft parts it is completely solid but it feels good to try a wrist pad.

Apex 5 hybrids include an OLED smart display. This is also new for me but I am confused about how they managed these features for just $100 with a high-performance mechanical keyboard. Unlike other mechanical keyboards under 100 aluminum is used in the external case of Apex 5 Hybrid.  That makes it super strong.

Keys are smooth and comfortable but after a long time and heavy burdensome keys start malfunctioning. A few keys start registering automatically and sometimes it misses a keystroke but usually by unplugging and replugging you can solve this problem. And switch customization options are also important for me. It has only two switch customization options available: tactile clicky and tactile quiet you can change color schemes but not switch type.

If you want a linear switch then you have to replace your tactile switches with linear switches that will add extra price to your Apex 5 Hybrid mechanical keyboard. Although, switches are good to feel and best for both gaming and typing over a membrane keyboard.

By compelling all these points Apex 5 hybrid is a good mechanical keyboard under $100 caution I research hard and then add this apex 5 hybrids to this list. The reason to list it here is its extra features like a wrist pad, OLED smart display, and touch media control button.

Durgod Taurus K320

If you need an 80 % simple mechanical keyboard then Durgod Taurus K320 is a good choice to start. Its design is simple like an ordinary keyboard but the performance level approaches a high stuff mechanical keyboard.

what is the best mechanical keyboard under 100
  • Plastic Body.
  • No RGB Lights
  • 60% Layout (87 Keys).
  • Secondary Media Keys.
  • 6 Different Colour Layouts.
  • Detachable USB-C Connectivity.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows OS.
  • 9 Dissimilar MX Cherry Switches Available.
  • DURGOD Zeus Engine software Supported.

The first thing to discuss is program-able keys. Almost every key in K320 is programable; you program them for specific tasks, launch a program, remap any key, etc. Except for the Fn key because it is a helping key, not the main key. Being a writer and gamer I used this programmable key feature as shortcut commands and the most helpful material is the reset option. You can reset these programs using the reset button or through software.

The external case is completely built using plastic. A mechanical keyboard with a plastic case feels unique because it makes it lightweight and usually mechanical keyboards are heavy. I recommend using a desk mat under K320 to feel better.

The USB-C feature impressed me greatly to list K320 here. The USB-C feature worked for me well. I would prefer to say that it is completely functional, moreover, with a USB-C cable, it is plug and plays functionality. Sometimes we need drivers to work the mechanical keyboard properly but K320 supports plug and play compatibility.

When I bought it sometimes I felt awkward pressing a few keys but after some time now they feel pretty better. The key input mechanism is good. You should feel smooth and soft while typing at K320. But RGB lights play an important role and make an attractive look in K320 RGB light functionality is not considered.

They added a key puller in the box, at first I thought it was useless but after some time when I need to clean my keyboard from dust, this key puller greatly helps me to clean out dust from K320.

Product NameSizeSpecial FeatureMore Details
Redragon K556 RGB100%Compatible to Every OSLearn More
HyperX Alloy FPS Pro80%Best Budget KeyboardLearn More
GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard60%LightingLearn More
Steel Series Apex 5 Hybrid100%LightiingLearn More
Durgod Taurus K32080%Full N-Key RolloverLearn More

What is A Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are an advanced form of computer keyboards. In mechanical keyboards, spring-activated switches are used under each key that makes these keys soft and smooth. After it, RGB lights, programmable keys, aluminum case, and highly durable stuff is used in mechanical keyboards. The basic features of mechanical keyboards are discussed below.

  1. Improved Input Mechanism
  2. Heavy Duty Switches
  3. Strong Exterior Shell
  4. RGB Lights
  5. Unique Design
  6. Improve Your Typing
  7. Key Register Feedback
  8. Smoothness
  9. Modern Technology Inergration

Due to these key points, mechanical keyboards are highly productive. And are more popular in professional gamers and writers, programmers also use mechanical keyboards. In a documentary, a mechanical keyboard can last up to 10 to 15 years easily. And switches in mechanical keyboards can survive for 10 million keystrokes that making them popular all over the world. But mostly mechanical keyboards are expensive. You can check it here Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive.

Should I need a Mechanical keyboard?

Basically, mechanical keyboards are built for professionals that are the reason why they are so expensive. And mostly professionals like gamers, writers, and programmers use mechanical keyboards.

It depends upon you for what purpose you use your computer keyboard, if you are a gamer or professional then you should try a mechanical keyboard. Or if you use your keyboard for about 4 to 5 hours per day then a mechanical keyboard suits you. But for normal use or if you use it for less than 1 hour per day, then it is a waste of money to buy an expensive mechanical keyboard because an ordinary keyboard will work fine for you.

However, if you like mechanical keyboards and love to have mechanical keyboards in your computer setup then you can try a mechanical keyboard. It totally depends upon you. We are just clarifying about mechanical keyboards.


Principally mechanical keyboards are not cheap, they are expensive not only expensive they are so expensive. It is very hard to find the best mechanical keyboards under 100 $ because for $100 you will get an ordinary keyboard but not a mechanical keyboard.

However, some brands produce mechanical keyboards under 100. But all of these are not good. Some use cheaper stuff, some create a keyboard with low productivity. Here we have researched and prepared a list of the best mechanical keyboards under 100.

All of these keyboards are highly productive although in some keyboards some low-quality stuff is used. Compared to typical mechanical keyboards they still provide high performance. Most manufacturers decrease the price of mechanical keyboards by decreasing the size of mechanical keyboards like 60%, 65%, and 80% keyboards. Full-sized mechanical keyboards are also available in the market but they are usually including low price materials like plastic casing, low-cost keycaps, etc. Here all the mechanical keyboards are tested to prepare a list named best mechanical keyboards under 100. 

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