Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 30 [Top 9 Picks] 2023

Mechanical keyboards are the most demanding computer keyboards because they are more ergonomic, durable, productive, and stable, but they are so expensive. In gaming, typing and coding mechanical keyboards are always the best that can easily trigger someone to buy a mechanical keyboard.

But the problem is they are so expensive due to not everyone can buy a mechanical keyboard easily. Yet some customer-loving companies cheap mechanical keyboards for their low-budget buyers. In this article, we are going to explore some best mechanical keyboards under 30. And if you want to buy a mechanical keyboard under $100 or $50 then visit them.

What Are Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 30

There are different companies producing huge amounts of cheap mechanical keyboards under 30. But not all of these mechanical keyboards a good to buy. They decrease the price of mechanical keyboard buys using some cheaper parts. In most cases, these cheap parts do not affect the performance of mechanical keyboards but sometimes it does. And hence the resulting keyboard does not worth 30 dollars. That is the reason here we are going to provide a list of the best mechanical keyboards under 30 that really worth it.

  1. Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  2. MageGee Portable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  3. NPET K20
  4. RedThunder TKL
  5. E-Yooso Wired
  6. Anicia MK1
  7. BlueFinger
  8. Redragon K502
  9. Velocifire TKL02

These are the best mechanical keyboards under 30 available in 2023. Also, check out some other best budget mechanical keyboards.

1. Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you are looking for a low profile mechanical keyboard, then Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is for you. It has floating keycaps and RGB lights with 100% layout for just 30 dollars. Amazing.

Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has an excellent build quality with a solid metallic upper layer that feels stunning to the eyes and hunky to hands-on touch. For a strong exterior shell, high quality plastic material is also used to make your mechanical keyboard long lasting on physical shocks.

Physically Fiodio is a strong mechanical keyboard, but what for water spills? Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a water-resistant keyboard that is also stable for accidental water spills. For switches durability, Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an incredible durability level. Switches are tested for 10 000 000 keystrokes successfully and still. They work fine. Fiodio keyboard design is also mind-blowing according to its price.

It has a unique metallic view that looks awesome. RGB functionality is more than you expect. Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has RGB backlit with automatic breathing technology. You can customize 16.8 million colors with different RGB modes for your typing experience. Furthermore, Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has brightness adjustment buttons to adjust the brightness of these RGB lights.

These are some unique characteristics that make Fiodio Mechanical Gaming Keyboard the best mechanical keyboard for under 30 dollars. Although it has more features, only important features are discussed here that can matter before purchasing the best mechanical keyboard under $30.

2.MageGee Portable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

MageGee Portable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Magegee is new to mechanical keyboards but their products are awesome. The 60% MageGee mechanical keyboard is an ergonomic mechanical keyboard with two different colour combinations one white/green and the second is pink/white. The pink/white colour is greatly liked by females because girls love pink colour.

As MageGee has 68 keys, the manufacturer added special features to use missing keys in MageGee. You can use the Fn key combination or other key combinations to perform additional commands. The important feature of MageGee that is listed here is LED effects, generally, such economical mechanical keyboards do not have lighting functions.

MageGee has 15 different colour patterns to look attractive. The green colour in MageGee makes its design unique. You will feel relaxed when you look at the MageGee mechanical keyboard. USB cable is detachable which will help you to port it easily anywhere. Because its size and detachable cable allow you to transport it easily. In the end, its compatibility feature is shocking to its price, MageGee is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

3. NPET K20

In order to get a full mechanical keyboard with additional features then you should not pass over the NPET K20. NPET K20 has an ergonomic design, 100% layout, and high ratings that enable me to list the best mechanical keyboards for less than 30 dollars.


If you look at the features of NPET K20 you will find it contains standard mechanical keyboard specifications irrespective of its price. In the case of RGB lights, it is fully functional, NPET K20 has 26 different RGB light patterns with 5 brightness levels, not enough; it has different RGB light modes for gaming, for typing, and for office use. Performance switches are tested for up to 50 million keystrokes, and highly durable stuff is used.

Furthermore, you can perform 12 different multimedia commands using NPET K20. Fully N-Key Rollover functionality And metallic design keep it protected from external physical strokes. And it is specially designed for hardcore long-lasting gaming. It is compatible with Windows, and macOS and it requires no driver to install it on your computer. By keeping all the points in mind it is the best keyboard under $30.

4.RedThunder TKL

People said there is nothing in name but the name is everything. RedThunder TKL mechanical keyboard is one of the best mechanical keyboards available for under 30 dollars. Its special feature is, it has 10 number keys with an 80% layout. It means the keyboard is small from standard mechanical keyboards but it also has 10 numeric keys; this feature isolates RedThunder TKL from other mechanical keyboards available in the market.


RedThunder TKL has a metallic upper surface with water resistant compatibility. That is very rare in cheap mechanical keyboards. But according to the budget, it is hard to implement such costly features in mechanical keyboards.

Engineers know how much is necessary to clean the mechanical keyboard. So they build a mechanical keyboard that is easily cleanable. Next, RedThunder TKL has 18 different light patterns with “breathing” and “streaming light” modes. You can control this lighting easily through your mechanical keyboard control options without using any complex procedures. Ergonomic is the most important feature of any keyboard in RedThunder TKL. Different ergonomic mechanisms are designed such as finger friendly keycaps, and closer space to use the mouse, etc. In the end, RedThunder TKL requires no extra driver or software to run, it is fully plugged in and plays functionally.

5.E-YOOSO TKL Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard with a classic design then E-YOOSO TKL is best for you. E-YOOSO TKL has a solid mechanical keyboard with minimum additional features but the quality of the main components of E-YOOSO TKL is very good and standard features of mechanical keyboards are also available in E-YOOSO TKL.


E-YOOSO TKL has compact 87 keys without numeric ten keys, these keys are specially designed to respond fast and effectively while gaming, programming, and typing. It is fully compatible with the N-Key rollover feature, you can use all 87 keys simultaneously at the same time. This is very effective to improve your typing speed. In the case of user-friendly design, fully ergonomic double injection keycaps are used to reduce finger stress while typing. E-YOOSO TKL supports 18 different RGB colour backlit patterns and you can control your mechanical keyboard rainbow colour designs through your mechanical keyboard using Fn key combinations.

It requires no software or drivers to run properly on any operating system. E-YOOSO TKL is super compatible with any operating system, Chromebook, Windows, Mac OS, and PS4/PS5. It is a golden feature because mechanical keyboards under 30 are hardly compatible with two operating systems and it also has strong software support of E-YOOSO TKL.

6. Anivia MK1

Anivia is one of the best companies producing mechanical keyboards over the years. You can trust the Anivia brand without any doubt because they have a solid background in mechanical keyboards. Anivia MK1 has metallic construction with water resistant features.

Anivia MK1

There are different terms that identify, a mechanical keyboard is best mechanical keyboard under 30 dollars and  Anivia MK1 contains almost all these features that make it worthy to list in the best mechanical keyboards under $ 30 list. RGB light in Anivia MK1 supports 25 backlit patterns including breathing technology if you are a gamer, you will feel your Anivia MK1 is glowing more effectively than your gaming LCD and if you do not want it then you can turn off RGB lights in your mechanical keyboard by a turn on/off button.

Keycaps are designed according to modern technology, these keycaps are fast, responsive, and have clicky noise that feels awesome. Ergonomic, double injection keycaps, height control angle, waterproof and dustproof features make Anivia MK1 the best mechanical keyboard under 30$ in the market. Anivia MK1 is compatible with all major computer brands and compatible with Windows and macOS.


The only price of the keyboard does not matter. There are a lot of things that you have to consider before purchasing a mechanical keyboard. However, we are discussing the best mechanical keyboards under 30$, but we will also consider other essential factors to buy the best mechanical keyboard. Here BlueFinger is the topic of discussion.


BlueFinger is an excellent mechanical keyboard with attractive looking and good build quality. It is a wired mechanical keyboard with RGB lights. One RGB light control button from where you can turn on and turn off BlueFinger RGB lights. But unfortunately, you can connately change or configure these RGB light patterns or colors only on and off functionality that is oblivious because they have to maintain the BlueFinger price with a standard mechanical keyboard.

It is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Computer, and Laptop devices, and for OS compatibility, it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Fully plug and play supported. No drivers are needed to install it. Just input a USB cable into the computer.

In BlueFinger box gaming mouse and gaming mouse pad available, this gaming stuff has good build quality. The mouse has an ergonomic gaming design with an attractive look. The BlueFinger will improve your gaming experience, and you will feel a premium gaming experience for just 30$. Now I can say it confidently BlueFinger is the best mechanical keyboard under 30.

8.Redragon K503

If you are a gamer and do not know about Redragon, it is impossible. Redragon is the most prominent and famous mechanical keyboard manufacturer. They have been producing excellent mechanical keyboards for years. Any list that contains the best mechanical keyboards will list at least one mechanical keyboard from Redragon that clarifies how much important is Redragon for gamers and professional writers.

Redragon K503

Redragon K503 is a low-profile mechanical keyboard offered by Redragon for their budget customers. It is a 100% mechanical keyboard with quiet keys and good built quality. RGB lights are advanced from the keyboard category, RGB lights support six different fantastic color patterns, and you can also adjust the brightness level of these RGB lights. Not only Breathing technology for RGB lights are also integrated into Redragon K503 that is awesome.

In the case of additional media keys, no one can beat K503 on this list. Redragon K503 has ten dedicated media keys to improve your gaming experience. Furthermore, they have not stopped here. There are additional 12 secondary media keys available that you can use in combination with the Fn key.

K503 is compatible it all central computers and gaming devices. In the case of OS compatibility, it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. After looking at Redragon K503, we can say that it is the best mechanical keyboard under 30 with good built quality.


If you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard under $30 then VELOCIFIRE TKL02 is a good choice. VELOCIFIRE TKL02 is a famous brand producing good-quality mechanical keyboards at a cheap price. The water-resistant VELOCIFIRE TKL02 is a simple mechanical keyboard without ten keys.


If you are going to purchase your first mechanical keyboard then VELOCIFIRE TKL02 will be the best choice. It is simple as an ordinary keyboard but modern like mechanical keyboards brown switches are highly productive with less noisy feedback. Keys are so soft you will feel like you are using a touch keyboard rather than a mechanical keyboard but if you are new to mechanical keyboards then you will feel its sound a bit louder.

The most important feature of VELOCIFIRE TKL02 is its design, it has 87 keys without num pad that is suitable for professionals who have to use a mouse with a mechanical keyboard regularly. And its 14.3 x 5.4 x 1.6 inches dimensions allow you to port it anywhere without any problem. The last but not the least feature of TKL02 is its compatibility with Windows and macOS too which stands it out in a highly competitive market.

Are Cheap Mechanical Keyboards Worth it

Yes, cheap mechanical keyboards are worth it, even mechanical keyboards under 3- dollars worth. But those budget mechanical keyboards are perfectly engineered. Before further discussion let me explain what type of budget mechanical keyboards can be worth. As we know mechanical keyboards are the most expensive due to their additional parts which do not affect the performance of mechanical keyboards, much more. For example RGB lights, Aluminium shells, additional keys, etc. If we remove these things then we can achieve a quality cheap mechanical keyboard under 30 dollars that will perform better. If you want to find out amazing tech product reviews then visit here.

But if the manufacturer risks quality over price then that kind of mechanical keyboard is not worth so before purchasing a budget mechanical keyboard check all the performance related essentials carefully.

Our PicksFiodio Mechanical Gaming KeyboardMagegee MKNPET K20RedThunder TKLE-YOOSO TKL
Number Of Keys1031041048487
Key Switch TypeBlue SwitchesRed SwitchesRed SwitchesRed SwitchesBlue Switch
Key BacklightLED Rainbow BacklitLED RainbowRGB LEDRGBSolid Color Backlit
Media KeysSecondarySecondarySecondaryNoSecondary
Passthrough USB PortsNoNoNoNoNo
Palm RestNoNoNoNoNo
On Board MemoryNoNoNoNoNo
Programmable KeysNoF-keysNoNoF-keys
Special FeatureHot Swappable SwitchesMultiply OS Support
Price/ Where To Buy

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