Best Wireless 60 Mechanical Keyboard For 2022

The 60 % keyboard layout has great benefits over normal size mechanical keyboards. By trying 60 keyboards at once most people greatly stuck with them. If you like 60 keyboards then you may want to check out the best wireless 60 mechanical keyboard list. 60 keyboards have a short size layout that requires less space to fit at the desk and shorter size also makes them portable easily. With wireless technology, you can easily port your 60 mechanical keyboards anywhere and connect them to multiple devices simply and quickly. This buying guide will contain the best wireless 60 mechanical keyboards independently arranged by our team.

60 keyboards have both advantages and disadvantages over a standard full size mechanical keyboard. It is up to you to compromise some characteristics of a full-size mechanical keyboard over the great features of 60 keyboards.

What is a 60 Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard having 60% keys from a standard full size computer keyboard is known as a 60% mechanical keyboard. A 60 keyboard usually has 62 keys without num pad, Function (F) keys, navigational key cluster, and arrow keys. Furthermore, empty spaces among keys have also been reduced result a compact shorter size mechanical keyboard.

Best Wireless 60 Mechanical Keyboard

Although the functionality of 60 keyboards was reduced they are very helpful mechanical keyboards. 60 keyboards are greatly loved by gamers and with simple technical knowledge, you can make 60 keyboards best for typing and programming too. Learn more about 60 keyboards here.

What are Best Wireless 60 Mechanical Keyboards

Finding the best wireless 60 mechanical keyboards isn’t an easy job, since the 60 keyboard market is short. And it becomes harder to find out beautifully crafted wireless 60 keyboards from the market with great trust scores. Still, a lot of wireless 60 keyboards have been tested that will help us to compile a list of the best wireless 60 mechanical keyboards. The best wireless 60 keyboards are

  1. Cooler Master SK622
  2. CORN Anne Pro 2
  3. Havit 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  4. Gishine CQ63
  5. Razer BlackWidow V3 65%
  6. ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless 65%

These are highly crafted best 60% mechanical keyboards that we are going to discuss in detail.

1. Cooler Master SK622

If you are looking for a simple stylish 60 mechanical keyboard then SK622 is for you. SK622 has a high end wireless 60 percent mechanical keyboard with great characteristics.

Cooler Master SK622 Wireless 60% Gunmetal Mechanical Keyboard

Brief Introduction

SK622 has an excellent build quality with a cool-looking design. Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum makes SK622 strong enough to last for decades easily. The other good thing about the SK622 design is the availability of multiple keyboard colors. You can purchase SK622 with either black or white design.

For high performance multiple switch type options are available, you can try blue, brown, or red mechanical switch types for SK622. That greatly adds its worth each switch type has a different level of performance so try blue switch for typing or programming, red for gaming, and brown switches are in between them.

Cooler Master SK622 Wireless 60% Gunmetal Mechanical Keyboard

SK622 has great connectivity features, you can connect it to multiple devices at the same time through wireless connection or through wired USB-C method. It can connect to three devices at the same time and you can switch between devices through device toggle button.

Quality beautiful keycaps, adjustable feet make SK622 an ergonomic mechanical keyboard. SK622 has a wide range of compatible devices, it is fully compatible with Windows, MAC OS, iOS, and Android.


SK622 does not have enough bad things to be discussed here, a few feel a bit uncomfortable with the unique design of SK622 but after some experience, they experience good with it. The second bad thing about SK622 is its high price, SK622 is a high end mechanical keyboard due to which its price is higher than the normal wired 60 keyboard.

2. CORN Anne Pro 2

The next mechanical keyboard in this list is CORN Anne Pro 2, Gateron Brown switches and fully macro programmable compatibility makes Anne Pro 2 the best wireless 60% mechanical Keyboard.

CORN Anne Pro 2

Brief Introduction

Its great connectivity features make Anne Pro 2 an amazing mechanical keyboard, Anne Pro 2 can connect to any device through a USB cable, and for wireless connectivity, it accepts devices that support Bluetooth LE5.0 technology. For operating systems, Anne Pro 2 has compatibility with Windows, Linux, MAC OS, and Android operating systems.

Anne Pro 2 has a middle-level 1900 mAh battery that can survive for 8 hours continues heavy use. And you can extend its battery timing to a few days by using battery saving techniques.

The other key features of Anne Pro 2 include engineered Gateron Switches, anti ghosting, N key rollover, etc, since the uniqueness of Anne Pro 2 is its macro programmable keys, you can program keys, and key combinations to perform the different tasks or instruct a command.


The battery of Anne Pro 2 is not good as it has to be, although this is too much 8 hours of mechanical keyboards in the market have big batteries.

3. Havit 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a best budget wireless 60 mechanical keyboards then Havit is for you. The package contains a wireless 60 mechanical keyboard and a wired gaming RGB mouse.

Havit 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Wired Mouse & RGB Gaming Mouse Combo

Brief Introduction

Havit has an excellent build quality with white design. When RGB lights blows on this white design Havit keyboard look very attractive. Here connectivity features are also at peak, both wired and wireless connections are available for Havit mechanical keyboard. Using USB-C you can connect and charge Havit to any device. Stable Bluetooth 5.1 technology is used in Havit, you can connect it to multiple devices up to three through wireless technology and switch between them using device toggle key combination.

Battery timing for Havit is also great, Havit has a big battery that can last for 10 hours continuous usage. And you can extend it by using battery saving steps.

Cherry MX Brown switches are used in Havit, these switches are quieter and have a little feedback bump noise that makes them best for gaming. Since the switches are not fully linear typists also find a good experience with sound of Havit mechanical keyboard keystrokes.  The other instructing thing about the Havit mechanical keyboard is it has a wide compatibility range even it is a plug and play mechanical keyboard.

Havit has 12 RGB backlit modes, the most interesting RGB lighting mode is a rainbow backlit mode which feels so good. And the double shot keycaps add great value to Havit keyboard worth, it not only improves the quality, it also enhances the attractive look of the Havit mechanical keyboard.

4. Gishine CQ63 Mechanical Keyboard

The Gishine CQ63 has a beautiful white and pink color combination that attracts eyes. With great wireless features and excellent construction, Gishine CQ63 is the next best wireless 60 mechanical keyboard.

Gishine CQ63 60 percent RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Brief Introduction

With Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Gishine CQ63 has an excellent build quality. The compact design of Gishine CQ63 is highly ergonomic. And its 63 keys have reduced 60% keyboard design.

Connectivity features of Gishine CQ63 are great, it can connect to devices through both wired and wireless methods but compatibility differs between wired and wireless connections. By wire, it is compatible with Windows and MAC OS and by wireless connection, it can also connect with Android and iOS devices. Through Bluetooth, it can connect three devices at the same time help to switch between devices quickly.

Unfortunately, Gishine CQ63 has only a 1500 mAh battery, which is not good for high-end gaming. This battery can last for hardly 8 hours. Although you can quickly recharge the Gishine CQ63 battery or use a wired connection for unstoppable gaming or typing.

It has 19 modes based RGB backlit lights, with pink and white colors these lights feel good and freshly. Especially at night, these RGB backlit lights feel very attractive.

5. Razer BlackWidow V3 65% Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a hot wireless 60 mechanical keyboard then you are going to love Razer BlackWidow V3 65% mechanical keyboard. A high-end mechanical keyboard with a 65% keyboard layout.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed 65% Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Brief Introduction

V3 has excellent build quality with an eye-catching design. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is used to make a V3 body. The beautiful design of the V3 is strong enough to stand for decades easily.

Connectivity characteristics of V3 are at peak level, you can use both wireless and wired methods to connect it to your devices. The latest USB-C technologies greatly improve the communication quality of V3.  Furthermore, you can charge and communicate at the same time while using this USB type C connection. The HyperSpeed wireless technology enables V3 to connect with multiple devices at the same time and communicate with them lag freely. This wireless technology is very reliable for fast and responsive wireless connectivity.

Like great wireless connectivity V3 has a big battery that can survive for up to 200 hours easily. Engineered mechanical keyboard with less power consumption wireless connection greatly helps you to save the battery and extend battery timing. The battery is big but it doesn’t take much time to charge, you can fully recharge your zero percent battery with just 5 hours of single recharge.

End of the day V3 has Doubleshot ABS keycaps with RGB backlit that make Razer BlackWidow V3 65% a good looking and ergonomic best wireless 60 mechanical keyboards.

6. ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless 65%

If you are looking for a 60% mechanical keyboard with arrow keys then ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless 65% mechanical keyboard will be best for you. With a compact design, it is the best wireless 65 mechanical keyboard on this list.

ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Brief Introduction

ASUS ROG Falchion has excellent quality connectivity features, it uses low power consumption wireless 2.4 GHz RF technology. 2.4 GHz makes ASUS ROG Falchion connect with devices quickly and communicate with them more efficiently. Not only wireless method you can also connect your device with ASUS ROG Falchion through USB wire.

In terms of battery timing, no one can compete with ASUS ROG Falchion, it has a big battery that can last for 450 hours (With RGB off). In that time you can fully use your keyboard features without any interruption.

The ASUS ROG Falchion comes with high-quality double-shot keycaps. These keycaps make sure a good looking and ergonomic keys. And these keycaps also feel good to press due to their engineered nature.

ASUS ROG Falchion has an excellent build quality with good looking design. It comes with up to six purchasing options, Cherry MX Blue, Brown, and Red switch options are available furthermore you can further customize your purchase by using ASUS engineered ROG Cherry MX Red, ROG Cherry MX Brown and ROG Cherry MX Blue switches. For keyboard protection one keyboard cover is also included in the package.

Are 60 Keyboards Good For Gaming

Yes, 60 mechanical keyboards are found good for gaming, since they have shorter in size, are ergonomic in nature, portable, and easy to adjust with your gaming setup. Furthermore, you can use the mouse with your 60% mechanical keyboard more comfortably which makes 60 mechanical keyboards good for gaming. But wait 60 keyboards lack some functionality due to the lack of 40% keys that can reduce your gaming experience. Due to this, it depends upon a person’s taste to make 60 keyboards good for gaming. Although 60% mechanical keyboards are recommended for gaming. Click here to learn more about are 60 keyboards good for gaming.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 60 Mechanical Keyboards

Although 60 mechanical keyboards are awesome unfortunately it also has some drawbacks over a full-size mechanical keyboard. Let’s consider some advantages and disadvantages of 60% mechanical keyboards.

Advantages of 60 Keyboards

60 keyboards have great advantages over a full-size mechanical keyboard as

  • Due to their shorter size 60 keyboard need less space, which allow you to use mouse with keyboard easily.
  • 60% mechanical Keyboards are usually budget friendly.
  • They are more ergonomic then a full size keyboard.
  • Portable and best for those who have less space at their desk.
  • Cool Symmetry and Great Functionality.

These are some advantages of 60 mechanical keyboards over full size keyboards.

Disadvantages of 60 Keyboards

If 60% has some advantages it also has some great disadvantages for gaming.

  • No Function Keys. Not good for shortcuts.
  • No Num Pad. Bad thing for gamers who use num pad.
  • No Arrow Keys. Very dangerous.
  • Fewer keys greatly affect game shortcuts.
  • It takes time to adjust you with 60% keyboard. If you never used it before.

These are some disadvantages of 60% mechanical keyboard.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Wireless 60% Mechanical Keyboards

You can buy the best 60 wireless mechanical keyboards with decorum only if you know what are important points to look at before purchasing a wireless 60 mechanical keyboard? Let’s discuss some important points that you should consider before purchasing the best 60 percent mechanical keyboard for yourself.

Wireless Technology

Mechanical keyboards use different kinds of wireless technologies to connect with devices. Some big brands use their own wireless technology like Logitech LIGHTSPEED, Razer HyperSpeed, SLIPSCREEN, etc. And the common wireless technologies are Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4G, etc. All the wireless technologies have their own characteristics like communication speed, coverage signals safety level, etc. Like other electronics wireless technology also have some cons, so first find out the wireless technology of mechanical keyboard and then research about it is safe for you, is its coverage good for you, and is it reliable, etc.


If the keyboard is wireless then there should be a battery in the keyboard. And battery timing greatly matters for purchasing the best wireless 60 mechanical keyboards. Usually, the battery is defined in terms of Milli Ampere-Hour (mAh), the greater the mAh greater will be the battery timing. A battery of 1500 mAh will be enough for 8 hours to continue the use of the mechanical keyboard. Less than 1500 mAh battery will be short and cause problems.

And if a battery exists then there should be battery charging, find a mechanical keyboard with a good battery charger that charges the battery in minimum time.

How to Shop For a Mechanical Keyboard

As you know mechanical keyboard has a huge market and there is a lot of purchasing and customization options are available for buying a mechanical keyboard. Here is a basic guide to buying the best mechanical keyboard for you.

Although we are here after applying multiple filters for a mechanical keyboard, e.g. 60 keyboard layout, and wireless mechanical keyboard. Now a few things remain to explain with you to purchase a good mechanical keyboard.


Mechanical switches play a very important role in the performance of mechanical keyboards. All the keystrokes, the sound of the keystroke, feedback of keystroke, etc all the keystrokes related stuff is connected with mechanical switches. So mechanical switches are very important, basically, mechanical switches have three types.

Linear Switches

Linear switches are quieter, softer, rapidly responsive, and require less force to press. Engineered for soft and reliable keystrokes, linear switches are recommended for gaming. Due to their softness linear switches are not suggested for typing.

Clicky Switches

Like a typewriter, clicky switches produce loud sounds on keypress and have strong feedback upon keystroke. Gamers find these sounds as noise due to which clicky switches can be worst for gaming.

Tactile Switches

Switches for professionals, are in between linear and clicky switches, not loud enough to distract you and not soft enough to miss print accidental keystrokes. Tactile switches are recommended for typing-related stuff.


Mechanical keyboards have some enhanced features that are not compatible with every OS and with every device. Almost every mechanical keyboard is compatible with Windows and PC, Laptop based systems. And if you are going to use a mechanical keyboard with another operating system or with another device carefully check its compatibility with that device.


Finding the best wireless 60 mechanical keyboards isn’t an easy job, but first, you have to clear some things in your mind. First, what is a mechanical keyboard, what are 60 keyboards, and essentials about wireless mechanical keyboards like wireless technology and battery timing of the keyboard? Then you can easily find out what is the best wireless 60 mechanical keyboard. The best wireless 60 keyboard (my choice) is Cooler Master SK622 because it has cool features with an attractive design.

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