Can Mechanical Keyboard be Repaired, Common Problems and There Solutions

Mechanical keyboards are the most advanced kind of keyboards. But they are very expensive people buy mechanical keyboards to use them for a long time. But sometimes it creates problems for users. That brings a question can the mechanical keyboard be repaired. Today I am here to discuss can mechanical keyboard be repaired and some common mechanical keyboard problems and their solutions.

Can Mechanical Keyboard be Repaired

Can Mechanical Keyboard be Repaired

Yes, mechanical keyboards can be repaired. A mechanical keyboard is the advanced version of a keyboard with modern technology integration. You can repair your mechanical keyboard or you can replace the corrupted component of your mechanical keyboard easily. In this article can mechanical keyboard be repaired I am going to discuss how you can repair your mechanical keyboard (DIY), its cautions, and which parts can be repaired.

Common Mechanical Keyboard Problems and their Solutions

Mechanical keyboards are machines and machines can be corrupted. Keyboards usually cause some common errors or problems and most of these problems can be solved easily.  Here I am going to discuss some common mechanical keyboard problems and there.

  1. Mechanical keyboard becomes Unresponsive
  2. Keys response slowly
  3. Wrong character out put
  4. Repeated key register
  5. Jam keys
  6. Some keys are not working
  7. Keyboard is on but not working

1)     Mechanical Keyboard becomes Unresponsive

Sometimes while the keyboard is working fine but it becomes unresponsive suddenly. Not responding to any key strike. This kind of error is often caused due to overload at the keyboard or computer. You can fix it by unplugging the keyboard for few seconds and then re-plug it into the computer. This method often works well.

2)     Keys Response Slowly

It means the keyboard is working fine but when you input keys on your mechanical keyboard it registers these keys very slowly in the computer. You are striking keys quickly but they are registering slowly at the computer while all the keys are registered after some time.

There can be two reasons for it. One is your computer hangs when you are striking keys. When a computer goes hang it response slowly if you are inputting data it will save it slowly.

The second reason for it is that there is something false in keyboard settings in your pc. Some computers offer customizing features for keyboards from there you can change the input speed of your keyboard. Go to computer windows settings and find keyboards and fix your issue.

3)     Wrong Character Output

It is a very dangerous problem. You are striking a key but the keyboard registers it with the wrong key that can be very hazardous for professionals. For example, you strike “K” but it is registered as “L”. There are also two reasons for it.

You replaced the wrong keycap. While cleaning or for other reasons you removed keycaps but when you reassembled these keycaps you forget the symmetry and replaced keycaps with other keys. In that case, identify wrong character output keys and put right keycaps.

The second reason is short circuits. Sometimes, the input board of keyboards becomes corrupted and it output the wrong keys may be due to gathering carbon at the board. Clean your keyboard and its board that will result in positive.

4)     Repeated Key Register

Keys are registering multiple times while you strike it once. That is maybe due to the malfunction in the keyboard board. That causing short circuits or it is because keycaps do not go back automatically. Remove the keycap clean it and clean the board and switch under the key that is creating issues wait for few minutes and put keycap and test your keyboard.

5)     Jam Keys

 Key becomes jam, hard to register, or even unable to register. If you are using your keyboard after a long time, then keys jam due to dust. Clean your keyboard or use hot air to remove dust particles that will resolve your problem.

Secondly, it is maybe by overuse of keyboard. When you are using a keyboard there is a chance something goes under the keycaps that are making problems or maybe keycaps are melted due to some reason. Remove keycaps and here you will find your problem and its solution.

6)     Some Keys are not Working

Keys are not working, because you are unable to strike it completely. There are several reasons behind it like it is maybe due to dust or overuse of keyboard. Remove keycaps from not working keys check switches under the keys are working fine or is something in it. Remove it and test your keyboard.

7)     Keyboard is on but not Working.

The keyboard lights are working fine, but no key of the keyboard is working or all the keyboard lights are on automatically. Often these kinds of problems are caused by the keyboard host computer. Unplug the keyboard restart the computer and test your keyboard.

What Kind of Mechanical Keyboards Cannot Be Repaired

This is true mechanical keyboards can be repaired but if the damage is big then it cannot be repaired. And more factors define is mechanical keyboard can be repaired or not like, if a big amount of water is spilled on the keyboard for long time interval then it is 90% chance it will not be repaired, similarly other liquid can damage greatly to mechanical keyboards except oils. Not only there are a lot of things that provide a guide to find out if a mechanical keyboard can be repaired after discussing them.

  1. Broken PCB Board: PCB board is the main component of mechanical keyboard machinery if it got cracked then it cannot be repaired. Because it is the most expensive part of a mechanical keyboard and about 40% productivity depends upon it. You can only repair it by replacing the board, which is a risky and unprofitable thing.
  2. Damaged By Water:  Water is the biggest enemy of electronic products. It ruins electronics by just touching it. Although if a little water is spilled on the mechanical keyboard then it can be repaired. But if a huge amount of water is spilled on your mechanical keyboard for a long time then it cannot be repaired. And in that time water will destroy almost 70% of items in mechanical keyboards that cannot make sense to repair or replace these items rather than purchasing new keyboards.
  3. Burned Keyboard: If your mechanical keyboard is burned by heat or by electric shock then it cannot be repaired. It is a waste of time and money to repair it.

Is Mechanical Keyboard Repairable

Yes, the Mechanical keyboard is repairable but under some conditions. Almost every part of a mechanical keyboard is repair and replaceable, first identify the damaged part of your mechanical keyboard it is simple first verify the cable is working fine, then check lights are working after diagnosing these steps you will get an idea about the damaged part then target it and repair it or simply replace that part with a new one. Unfortunately under some conditions mechanical keyboards cannot be repaired, like if huge water was spilled on a mechanical keyboard, burned keyboard or if PCB board is damaged or broken then you cannot repair your mechanical keyboard.  

How Long are Mechanical Keyboards Supposed to Last?

Under normal conditions, mechanical keyboards are supposed to last for up to 10 to 15 years. And the durability of switches used in mechanical keyboards can survive 50 million keystrokes per switch. There are different reasons behind the long lifespan of mechanical keyboards. These are strong exterior shells, high-quality stuff, regular user experience-based updates, etc.


Mechanical keyboards can be repaired easily, but some common problems happen with your keyboard that I listed above. You can easily identify these issues with your keyboard at home. And you can solve these problems by yourself easily (DIY). So if you have some issues with your keyboard do not panic just read my article can mechanical keyboard be repaired and your problem may be fixed.

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