Do Keychron Keyboards Work With Linux

Are you a die heart fan of Keychron keyboards and now looking for a keyboard for your Linux operating system that should be fully compatible with Linux? Then one thing about which you should care is, do Keychron keyboards work with Linux OS or not.

Keychron keyboards are in demand because they are just amazing. And they are producing wonderful keyboard models for different types of customers. And what about Linux users we will discuss it in this article.

How A Keyboard Work With Different Operating Systems

A keyboard work with any operating system by communicating through different channels. For better performance keyboard should understand the operating system and the operating system should also have the proper software to work with it. If these two conditions are met then a keyboard can work with any operating system.

But for keyboard manufacturers, it costs too much to make their keyboards compatible with multiple operating systems. Due to this most of the time, keyboards are not fully compatible with all of the major operating systems.

A keyboard can only work with any operating system if it got programmed for that specific operating system. And unfortunately not every keyboard is compatible with Linux OS as it is not a popular OS due to manufacturers usually do not invest to make their keyboard compatible with it.

Due to this when we are going to buy a keyboard, we should consider its compatibility with Linux OS to work it better.

Do Keychron Keyboards Work With Linux

Do Keychron Keyboards Work With Linux

Yes, but not fully compatible with Linux. You can use any Keychron keyboard for a basic input device but you cannot use its advanced features on your Linux OS. Since most of the Keychron keyboards do not support Linux OS. Hardly only a few Keychron keyboard models are fully compatible with Linux.

But if you have a Keychron keyboard and want to use it on Linux OS. It will work properly with Linux but you cannot access the advanced keyboard features like RGB customization, macro programming, and media keys on Linux.

Still, there are multiple Keychron keyboards work properly with Linux and are fully compatible with Linux.

What are Linux Compatible Keychron Keyboard Models

Not all the Keychron keyboards are compatible with Linux. Some work with Linux and some do not. By keeping this in mind we have researched and created a list of popular Keychron keyboard compatibilities with major operating systems.

Here is a list of Keychron keyboard models fully compatible with Linux.

Keychron Keyboard NameIts Compatibility
K1Windows And MAC
K2Windows And MAC
K3Windows, Linux, And MAC
K4Windows, Linux, And MAC
K5Windows And MAC
K6Windows, Linux, And MAC
K7Windows, Linux, And MAC
K8Windows, Linux, And MAC
V4Windows, Linux, And MAC
K10Windows, Linux, And MAC
Q6Windows, Linux, And MAC
K12Windows, Linux, And MAC
Q1Windows, Linux, And MAC
K14Windows, Linux, And MAC
Q3Windows, Linux, And MAC
Q5Windows, Linux, And MAC
Q7Windows, Linux, And MAC
Q0Windows, Linux, And MAC

What is Linux Compatibility For a Keyboard

Linux compatibility for a keyboard means you can fully utilize the advanced features of your keyboard on the Linux operating system. For example, if your keyboard is compatible with Linux then you use any feature of the keyboard like macro programming, custom commands, custom keyboard shortcuts, dedicated Linux keyboard shortcuts, RGB customization if have one, and much more.

Choosing the Right Keyboard: OS Compatibility

The type of keyboard you choose will depend on the operating system you are using. Most keyboards are compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. However, some keyboards may have additional features that are only supported by certain operating systems.

For example, some keyboards may have dedicated media keys or macro keys that can only be used with specific software or games. Additionally, some keyboards may require special drivers to be installed in order for them to work properly. It’s important to check the compatibility of your keyboard before making a purchase.


Now you have a clear idea about Keychron compatibility with different operating systems, especially with Linux OS. It is clear that Keychron keyboards can work with Linux, but a few keyboards of Keychron are not fully compatible with Linux. And these keyboards are listed above in the table. And in term of MAC OS, almost every model of Keychron keyboard are fully compatible with it.

Hope you have enjoyed the article and now you have a clear idea about are Keychron keyboards good for Linux. If you still have questions feel free to comment it.

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