How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Last

Mechanical keyboards are the most recommended computer keyboards for better performance. Notably, they are best but expensive, it is a bit difficult to decide if I have to buy it or not, or Is it worth it and you will have some curious questions like why mechanical keyboards are so expensive, do mechanical keyboards last longer or how long do mechanical keyboards last. Here we are going to discuss how long mechanical keyboards last.

Who Need A Mechanical Keyboard

That is true mechanical keyboards are best but other computer keyboards are also great. It depends upon the user what kind of keyboard he needs.

Mechanical keyboards are best but it is not a good idea to purchase a mechanical keyboard without considering if you really should buy such an expensive product. If you are going to use it for home or less than one hour per day then you should not purchase it because you do not need to buy such an expensive keyboard.

If you are a professional writer, programmer, gamer, or use a keyboard for hours per day then you can buy a mechanical keyboard and it will be worth it. For office use, it depends on how much you are going to use it. And for quick data entry purposes, I recommend mechanical keyboards because there are minimum chances of malfunction in a mechanical keyboard.

How Long Do Mechanical keyboards Last

According to researchers and lab results, a mechanical keyboard can last up to 10 or 15 years easily. And it can be more if you use a mechanical keyboard carefully. Mechanical keyboard switches are tested for up to 50 million keystrokes. It means until 50 million keystrokes your mechanical keyboard switches will work fine and maybe the switches survive more and mostly they survive. If you repair or replace corrupted parts, a mechanical keyboard can survive for more years. Too much heavy use can decrease lifespan.

How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Last

There are different reasons and factors that can increase or decrease the lifespan of a mechanical keyboard. Here we are going to consider some factors.

Factors That Make Mechanical Keyboard Last Longer

Mechanical keyboards can survive multiple times to an ordinary keyboard due to some reasons. These reasons affect the lifespan of mechanical keyboards. Infect every part of a mechanical keyboard plays an important role to make a mechanical keyboard last long but here we are going to discuss some major and important factors that make a mechanical keyboard last long.

  1. High Durability
  2.  Longer Lifespan
  3. Strong Aluminium Exterior Shell
  4. Water Resistance
  5. High Quality Parts
  6. Replace/Repairable Parts

Below we will discuss each part in detail.

1.    High Durability

Mechanical keyboards are highly durable, each part of a mechanical keyboard is made for heavy-duty, which is the reason a mechanical keyboard can bear a heavy burden without any problem.

The most used part of the mechanical keyboard switches under every keycap. These switches can last for 50 million clicks per switch. That makes sense how long a mechanical keyboard can last. And if high-quality switches such as Cherry MX switches are used then they can last up to 100 million keystrokes per switch. If any switch breaks due to some reason you can replace it easily. That makes a mechanical keyboard highly durable.

2.     Longer Lifespan

Mechanical keyboard lifespan is up to 10 years. Durability and lifespan are not the same, durability means how long can each part of a mechanical keyboard individually in a heavy burden situation. Lifespan means how long it lasts like a whole machine. It depends on how you use your mechanical keyboard. If you put a heavy burden on it, it can last up to 10 years. And if you care it and keep it safe, its lifespan will be longer than 15 years.

3.     Strong Exterior Aluminium Shell

Most computer keyboards survive short due to their weak exterior shell. A weak exterior shell will break easily and in this way, it will make the keyboard last shorter because the shell protects the keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards have a strong aluminum shell that protects them from external environments, like shocks, high-temperature change, dust, and moisture. The aluminum case for mechanical keyboards is almost unbreakable and it also protects the mechanical keyboard from electricity shocks and provides earth conductance to mechanical keyboards making mechanical keyboards electrically stable.

In that way, aluminum cases, increase the lifespan of mechanical keyboards which results to make mechanical keyboards last long.

4.     High Quality Parts

The reason behind making mechanical keyboards is to create a highly productive computer keyboard for professionals and for those who use the keyboard for thousands of clicks per day. That is the reason Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive, as every part of the mechanical keyboard from the keycap to the PCB board, from RGB lights to the aluminum case is made with high-quality material that lasts for years.

In most cases, switches, case, and power cables determine the long-lasting ability of keyboards. Mechanical keyboard switches are highly durable; a single switch can last for 50 million keystrokes. Then the external case, for mechanical keyboard external case is made up of high-quality material like aluminum that makes the mechanical keyboard last longer. And last but not least power cables, for mechanical keyboards power cables are detachable which mean if a power cable break you can replace it at home easily just detach the first one and connect a new cable.

There are more high-quality materials used in mechanical keyboards but they affect longevity less than these three items.

5.     Water Resistance

That is true, a mechanical keyboard contains extraordinary features to make it last longer, but there are some other factors that can affect the longevity of a mechanical keyboard such as water resistance.

Water Resistant Mechanical Keyboard

When we are using the keyboard often there is some water in the form of drinking water, juice, moisture, sweat, and maybe tears. If you accidentally spill water on the keyboard it will destroy it because keyboards are electronic devices and due to super electrical conductance water creates short circuits that harm keyboards greatly.

In mechanical keyboards, a water-resistant layer is used that makes them water-resistant. This means it will resist water to some extent, for a few drops, and can be repairable if you accidentally spilled water on it. You can follow it here Are Mechanical Keyboards Waterproof, What If Water Spilled on it.

Water-resistant and waterproof are not the same things, waterproof means your keyboard will survive water easily. On the other hand, water resistance means your keyboard will be resistant against some water and if spilled water is to a great extent then water will ruin your keyboard.

The resistance of mechanical keyboards against water really affects the lifespan of mechanical keyboards and helps mechanical keyboards to last longer.

6.     Replace/Repairable Parts

Yet mechanical keyboards contain high-quality parts but as they can break accidentally or due to any other reason that can greatly decrease the lifespan of mechanical keyboards. But manufacturers already engineered this problem and added replaceable parts to mechanical keyboards.

Almost every part of the mechanical keyboard is replaceable, you can replace it for repair purposes, to upgrade your mechanical keyboard, or add extra functionality to the keyboard. For example, if you do not like the color of keycaps you can change keycaps etc.

If anything breaks from your mechanical keyboard you can replace it easily at home or from a professional. There is a list of mechanical keyboard parts that are mostly replaced.

  1. Switches
  2. Keycaps
  3. RGB lights
  4. Stabilizers
  5. External Shell
  6. Power Cable
  7. PCB(Not Recommended)

These are some major parts of mechanical keyboards that you can replace with new parts.


The most used part of the mechanical keyboard are switches. If only one switch malfunctions, it will result too badly. And that may be with most used switches such as “enter” or “space” switches they will start missing keystrokes. But the solution for this is available. Just replace it with a new switch that really affects the lifespan of mechanical keyboards.


Basically, keycaps do not break easily but due to longer use, key signs fade out and you feel odd while clicking the keycap. Then you can replace it with a new keycap easily. And if the keycap got broken you can replace it, just remove the old one and put a brand new keycap there. In that way, you can easily make your keyboard last longer.

How To Make Mechanical keyboard Last Longer

That is right mechanical keyboards last longer but you can make your mechanical keyboard last longer simply with some attention. Such that by keeping it safe from dust and water, dust decreases the lifespan of a mechanical keyboard greatly, on the other hand, water ruins a mechanical keyboard in seconds.

And replace the braked part of your mechanical keyboard at home or take the service of any professional. As I earlier mentioned each part is replaceable by replacing burned parts you can greatly improve the lifespan of your mechanical keyboard.

The last important point is to save your mechanical keyboard from electric shocks, a single shock can ruin your mechanical keyboard as mechanical keyboards are electric devices.

With some attention, you can make your mechanical keyboard last longer so be careful and cautious.

Does Typing Too Much Or Playing Games Damage Your Mechanical Keyboard?

Does Typing Too Much Or Playing Games Damage Your Mechanical Keyboard?

No, It does not matter, as I earlier mentioned mechanical keyboards are specially built for heavy usage. Each and every part of the mechanical keyboard has high durability. When you play more games and type too much you only make a burden on mechanical keyboard switches that are highly durable. A mechanical keyboard can last up to 100 million keystrokes and still, will work fine. Then how you can damage your mechanical keyboard with hardcore gaming and by typing too much. The next thing that can be damaged through too much typing is keycaps that are replaceable. So do not worry no matter how heavily you are using your keyboard.


Mechanical keyboards can last up to 10 years easily. There are several reasons behind this like high durable switches, aluminum case, and water-resistant capacity of mechanical keyboards. Furthermore, each part of the mechanical keyboard is replaced/repairable that really makes mechanical keyboards last longer.

If you want your mechanical keyboard to last longer then buy a high-quality mechanical keyboard, but it will be costly, a cheap mechanical keyboard will last shorter and may result in improper functionality that will incredibly decrease your performance.

There are some other factors that can make a mechanical keyboard last longer, such as proper care of your mechanical keyboard, keeping it safe from water, replacing brakes parts of the mechanical keyboard as early as possible, saving it from electrical shocks, and last, not the least is keep it safe from dust. These factors determine how long do mechanical keyboards last.

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