How Does a Mechanical Keyboard Work 2023

In order to get the best performance, you should know the working principle of keyboards. Here I will discuss the working principle of How Does a Mechanical Keyboard Work? Despite this, you just need to know what is a mechanical keyboard.

What is Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are advanced types of keyboards that use switches under keys rather than rubber membranes like ordinary keyboards. In mechanical keyboards, high-quality switch buttons are used to provide the finest experience. The main difference between a mechanical keyboard and an ordinary keyboard is only input key quality.

How Does a Mechanical Keyboard Work

How Does a Mechanical Keyboard Work

As I early mentioned the only difference between a mechanical keyboard and a normal keyboard is the functionality of input keys. In a mechanical keyboard, high-quality switches are used to input data. While an ordinary keyboard rubber membranes are used under the input keys. To understand How Does a Mechanical Keyboard Work you should know how these switches work that are used in mechanical keyboards.

When you press a key, you actually press down the mechanical keyboard switch keycap, this keycap goes down and strikes at the bottom of the switch. This strike generates an electrical signal that travels from the PCB of the mechanical keyboard and goes to the computer. Where this signal is analyzed and your press key got registered at the computer.

How Does a Normal Keyboard Work

Normal keyboards often called rubber doom keyboards are widely used. Their working principle is simple, a basic input board is located under keys. When someone strokes a key it goes down where a rubber contains an electric conductive key. The key completes the circuit and a signal is generated. Then This signal is transferred to the computer and your keystroke got registered.

If you are a gamer or a professional then traditional keyboards cannot suit you because in the heavy load they become dull and responsive and their durability is also very low compared to mechanical keyboards. Yet for normal use at home or at the office, and for less compatible games traditional keyboards were found helpful.

The advantage of normal keyboards over mechanical keyboards is they are cheap and simple. Anyone can afford it. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are expensive and not everyone can afford them.

How Mechanical Keyboard Switches Work

Like other switches, you use in your daily life as electrical circuit switches, table lamp switches, and mechanical keyboard switches work in the same way. As clear from the word switch it shifts input to the electrical signal. When someone strokes the key, it triggers the switch, here the switch completes the circuit. And creates a signal that is transferred to the board of the keyboard that analyzes the signal and passes pass it away to the computer.

That is the main working mechanism of keyboard switches but it can vary with the type of switches used. For better performance, different companies use the divergent type of switches for different purposes, for specific keyboards. For gaming different types of keyboards, and switches are used, and for typing or programming, these keyboard functionalities differ.

That is why ordinary keyboards are cheaper than mechanical keyboards because, in mechanical keyboards, high-quality materials and switches are used that make them expensive.

Types of Mechanical Switches

There are multiple types of mechanical switches based on their uses, working methods, and keystroke feed. But mostly mechanical switches are defined by the working style of different mechanical switches from the Cherry MX brand which is a well-known brand producing quality mechanical switches.

Types of Mechanical Switches Based Upon Switch Colour Style

Cherry MX switches have different colour switches, traits of these switches vary according to their color style. So here we are going to classify Cherry MX switches based on their colors.

Cherry MX Brown: The most tactile and clicky switches produce an audible sound on the keypress. Recommended for typing and for gaming Cherry MX brown switches are not good.

Cherry MX Blue Switches: These are heavy switches with a bump noise, producing a little less noise on the keypress from the brown switches. If you want to play games and do typing from the same keyboard then blue switches are good for you.

Cherry MX Red Switches: These are the quiet and lighter mechanical switches ideal for gaming but not good for typing. Most of the gaming switches are equipped with red switches.

Cherry MX Black Switches: These are the lightest and quietest mechanical switches. Due to their too-light behavior they, are the less common Cherry MX switches in the market.

Other Types of Mechanical Switches

Mechanical switches are widely divided into different types today I will discuss some important types of mechanical switches.

Hot Swapable Switches: Mechanical switches that can be easily replaced from the mechanical keyboard without desoldering the PCB board of the keyboard are known as hot swappable switches.

Low Profile Switches: These switches have the lowest height, have a shorter key travel distance, and have the minimum actuation force required to press them.

Optical Mechanical Switches: As the name clears mechanical switches that use optical technology to work are known as optical mechanical switches.

Types of Mechanical Switches

Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It

Yes, mechanical keyboards are better than other keyboards but worst only in price. Mechanical keyboards provide optimum typing and gaming experience, they last longer, are easy to DIY repair, are customizable, have RGB lights, programmable keys, and much more. All of these features make mechanical keyboards worthy to buy them.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Typing and Gaming

Yes, mechanical keyboards are better for both types of usage gaming and typing. But it will be a good idea to buy two different mechanical keyboards for both of these works. For typing, you need a tactile keyboard with a little bump. But for gaming, it will be good to have a quiet mechanical keyboard and have lighter to press keys.

How Does a Mechanical Keyboard Work

Final Words

The working method of mechanical keyboards can differ but the basic principle is simple. When someone strokes the key it trips the switch. By completing the structure switch input data to the motherboard of the keyboard, analyze the data, and transfer this signal to the computer where the signal is further processed and the input key recognized. This is the basic principle of How Does a Mechanical Keyboard Work? And if you want to know why are mechanical keyboards so expensive you can visit here.

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