Red Switch vs Blue Switch [Everything You Need To Know]

If you are an extreme-level gamer, typist, or programmer then you should know it mechanical keyboards are the best computer keyboard in this competitive world. And you should also know these are mechanical switches that make mechanical keyboards such an awesome thing.

And in order to do your highest, you should know about these mechanical switches deep. What are mechanical switches, how do they work, what major types of mechanical switches, etc here we will only share experts’ thoughts about red switch vs blue switch?

Red Switch vs Blue Switch

What Are Mechanical Switches

When it comes to mechanical keyboards the only thing that makes them so special is mechanical switches. In mechanical keyboards an advanced type of key input system is used under every key, this combined key input mechanism makes a switch called a mechanical switch. This switch makes key inputs faster and smoother, softer, and reliable. Due to this mechanical keyboards are highly productive.

How Does Mechanical Switch Work

A mechanical switch consists of three major parts, a stem, a spring, and a base, these parts are fitted in a shell as you can see in the image. A switch is fixed in the keyboard and keycaps are placed above the switch contacting the switch through its stem.

When someone presses a key, keycaps pull the stem down where a spring exists, this stem touch to base of the switch and create a signal for input, then the spring helps the stem to go back its original place. In this way, a key input is registered through a switch. Now I think you have a clear idea of how a mechanical switch works, but if you still have any questions then comment to us.

What is a Cherry MX Switch

What is a Cherry MX Switch

If you are a die heart fan of mechanical keyboards then you should know about the Cherry MX switch and if you do not then let me explain. Cherry MX is a German company producing mechanical switches, their mechanical switches are considered as best mechanical switches. There are some great properties of Cherry MX switches that make them so special.

  • Cherry MX switches are considered the most durable mechanical switches. They are tested for 100 million keystrokes.
  • There is a big variety in Cherry MX switches, linear, tactile, clicky, and mixed. That increase the usability over other mechanical switches.
  • Cherry MX switches are smooth, quick responsive, reliable, ergonomic, and simple to replace, etc which makes Cherry MX switches the best mechanical switches.

These are some common characteristics of Cherry MX switches that make them preferable mechanical switches.

What are Cherry MX Red Switches

Cherry MX red switches are the most linear mechanical switches provided by Cherry MX. They have very low spring resistance and quick responsiveness which makes them the best mechanical switches for gaming.

Technical Information about Red Switches

Switch TypeLinear
Click SoundQuiet
Force Required to Press45 cN
Switch Down Travel2.0 mm

Sound of Cherry MX Red Switch:

Now a few questions arise are red switches good for gaming, are red switches good for typing, etc wait I will explain it with proper details below.

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Now we are going to explore Red Switch vs Blue Switch in detail.

What are Cherry MX Blue Switches

When it comes to typing blue switches are on the top, Cherry MX Blue switches are the most tactile switch type in the variants of Cherry MX switches. They are loud, bump noise, and have more resistance than other MX Cherry mechanical switches. That is the reason why experts say Blue switches are not for gaming.

Technical Information about Blue Switches

Switch TypeTactile
Click SoundAudible
Force Required to Press60 cN
Switch Down Travel2.2 mm

Sound of Cherry MX Blue Switch:

This is some basic information about red and blue switches now we are going to discuss it in detail. Again there are some questions about blue switches are blue switches good for gaming, are blue switches good for typing let me explain this below.

A Basic Comparison between Red switch and Blue Switch

If you have some technical background and want to compare the red switch and blue switch briefly then this table is for you. Note this table includes only the difference between them not all the properties of red and blue switches.

Click SoundQuieterAudible
Operating For Required45 cN60 cN
Pre Travel2.0 mm2.2 mm
Recommended ForGamingTyping

I think this table will clarify your idea about the red switch and blue switch, and still, if someone cannot get it below I am going to explain it.

Which Switch is Good for Gaming

The red switch is on top if you are looking for a gaming mechanical keyboard. And here is how red switches are best for gaming. If you are a gamer then you should know clearly how much silence matters for good gaming.

Blue switches produce too much sound that will ruin your gaming. But not only your game, but it will also distract your teammates, and roommates too. On the other hand, red switches are quiet which makes them best for gaming.

Actuation force required a red switch needs a little actuation force with no resistance that enables you to press again and again keys endlessly without any hesitation. And if you look at the blue switch, the blue switch requires much more energy to press a key and also has resistance.

That will irritate your finger and for longer use they can cause injuries so again, red switches have an edge over blue switches in terms of gaming.

By summarizing these two points that are clear red switches are good for gaming. If you need to know more about red switches then visit this page are red switches good for gaming.

Which Switch is Best for Typing

Now the scenario is different things are almost opposite if you compare a gamer’s keyboard’s needs and a typist’s keyboard needs. For typing blue switches are the best choice, here is how blue switches are good for typing.

Blue switches produce audible feedback when a keystroke gets registered, and this sound also feels good to typists. And on the other hand red switches are quiet which makes them a little bit disqualified for typing.

The second thing that makes blue switches best for typing is their heavier nature, which controls accidental key inputs. Which is again good for typing while red switches have a little resistance against accidental key inputs that can cause problems.

By abstracting information from the above that we can say that blue switches are good for typing. And they are also recommended for typing by experts. For more details visit this page.

Which Switch is Good for Programming

Here things are greatly different because some programmers also are gamers, so they will like gaming mechanical switches. But some programmers are tending to the typist category and they like tactile mechanical switches.

Although if you look at real-time statics then blue switches are good for programming because programming is just another name for typing. So it is proven that blue switches are good for coding. Regards Red Switch vs Blue Switch.

Feeling Difference: Red Switch vs Blue Switch

Basically, there is almost no feeling difference between the red switch and blue switch but you can differentiate them using the feeling phenomenon again it depends upon personal preferences. Blue switches are tactile so they will feel like a harder key switch. And red switches are linear and will feel soft. So there is the result that the red switch has a softer feeling than the blue switch.

Accuracy Difference

Fundamentally there is no accuracy difference between the red switch and blue switch but their nature can impact user input accuracy inputs here is how. When you press a blue switch it has some bump, audible feedback that will let the user know a key is registered and the user can input keys more accurately.

On the other hand, red switches have no audible feedback due to which the user cannot determine if any key is registered or not? In that way, accuracy can differentiate between red and blue switches but it does not matter too much because it can affect only rare chances so you can neglect this point.

Wrapping Things Up: Red Switch vs Blue Switch

These are the main points that make the red and blue switch different, the red switch is best for gaming and makes the blue switch good for typing here is again a table.

Best ForRed SwitchBlue Switch

Note, all of the comparison data and media are extracted from product information, feedback, user experience, and lab test information provided by Cherry MX producer of Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX blue switches.


End of the day we are going to summarize this comparison of Red Switch vs Blue Switch as the red switch is best for gaming because the red switch is quiet, soft, smooth, and rapid responsive which are demanding traits for good gaming performance. On the other hand, the blue switch is good for typing since the blue switch has tactile nature, produces audible sound, and has the anti-ghosting ability that is essential needs for typing.

These are some major points from which we can differentiate between red switch and blue switch, now it depends upon you which switch to choose. But let me clear it red switches are recommended for gaming while blue switches are recommended for typing by the mechanical switch engineers. The main differences between the red switch and blue switch are switch type and sound red switch is linear and produces no sound while the blue switch is tactile and louder.

If you have something in mind then comment it down below.