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When it comes to mechanical keyboards there are multiple keyboard layouts are available in the market. These all keyboards layouts are awesome but not every layout fits anyone.

You have to be specific if you are going to buy a computer keyboard. Because getting a specific keyboard layout greatly fits you. You will not only get great comfort with it, but it will also improve your typing.

Here we are going to explore what is a 40 keyboard. 40% keyboards are not much popular in the market but they are very useful and have some great benefits over a standard keyboard. So without wasting any more time let’s begin it.

What is a 40 Keyboard

What is a 40 Keyboard Layout

A keyboard that has only 40% of keys from a total of 104 standard keyboard keys is known as 40 keyboards. Usually, 40% keyboard contains only 46 or 47 keys, 40 keyboards do not have num pad keys, arrow keys, navigational key cluster, function (F) keys, and numerical key row. Due to this the functionality of 40 keyboards was greatly reduced. 40 keyboards only contain alphabetic and basic input command keys e.g. enter key, control, alt keys, space bare, etc. For a clear look at the image.

How to use 40% keyboard

40 keyboards are new, and most people do not know how to use them, to take full advantage of the 40% keyboard layout. It is not rocket science to use a 40% mechanical keyboard. Here we have a concise guide on how to use 40 keyboards.

  1. Learn all 40 keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts help a lot for typing and gaming too but due to few keys, 40 keyboards have different shortcuts. So to type with ease you should learn all the shortcuts of 40 keyboards.
  2. Adjust your hands for a tiny 40% keyboard.
  3. Practice, as we know practice makes a man perfect. Do some hard practice for 40 keyboards and you will see after a few times you will become a master of 40 keyboards.

These are some tips are tricks to use a 40% mechanical keyboard. Using a 40% keyboard is not a difficult job and it will also take time to adjust with 40% keyboard. But you will soon start better typing with a 40% keyboard.

Advantages of 40 Keyboards

If you are looking for a tiny keyboard for you then after reading the advantages of 40 keyboards you are going to love them. Because 40% keyboard layout has a lot of awesome things in it. The major advantages of 40 keyboards over standard-size keyboards are listed below.

  1. Small Size
  2. Easy To Carry Any Where
  3. Easy to Adjust
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Comfortable and Ergonomic Nature

These are some main advantages of 40 keyboards over a standard full size keyboard. Now we are going further to discuss these benefits of 40 keyboards.

1. Small Size

Its small size has a lot of advantages, for example, it takes a little space at your desk. That makes it easy to use the mouse with a keyboard. This feature makes it best for those people who use a mouse most of the time and they need a little help with the keyboard. Because with 40 keyboards they can use the mouse easily at wide-area saved by a tiny keyboard.

Some users need a keyboard to type a few things but they have to do this consistently, here 40 keyboards will be best for them because it will take little space and do what they want.

2. Easy To Carry Anywhere

Carrying a full size keyboard somewhere is a big problem but 40 keyboards make it easier. Due to their shorter sizes, you can carry them anywhere easily. Moreover, due to their shorter size, you can easily add it to your bag (laptop bag) with great comfort which makes 40 keyboards super portable. Furthermore, you can easily carry a 40% keyboard in your hands anywhere.

3. Easy To Adjust

Adjustment may be a difficult job for you, but 40 keyboards are super adjustable. You can easily adjust a 40 keyboard anywhere, in your hands, at the table, or elsewhere in the working area. The shorter size makes 40 keyboards easy to adjust.

4. Inexpensive

As 40 keyboards have few keys so they also cost very low. Some brands can cost greater but mostly 40 keyboards are budget-friendly. Is someone here needs a keyboard but does not have enough budget to buy it, we suggest 40 keyboards you should try.

5. Comfortable and Ergonomic Nature

40 keyboards are generally more comfortable and ergonomic, but people who have big hands can find some issues with 40 keyboards with wrist rest 40 keyboards are highly ergonomic keyboards. And due to their shorter size, they have a great comfort zone.

These are some major advantages of 40 keyboards, most of the advantages depend upon their size, so keep in mind that 40 keyboards only have one main advantage which is their great tiny size.

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Disadvantages of 40 Keyboard

If something has advantages then it should have some disadvantages, here for 40 keyboards the funny thing is its advantages and disadvantages both are due to its shorter size. So here shorter size adds its value but also decreases its score in the competitive market.

  1. Less Functionality
  2. Difficult to Start
  3. High Price

These are some important disadvantages of 50 keyboards, now we are going to discuss these drawbacks with proper explanation.

1. Less Functionality

40 keyboards lack 60% keys which means their functionality is also reduced, you have only alphabetic and basic input keys to perform your job but it will not be easy. With a 40 keyboard gaming, typing, editing, and programming become harder than with any other tiny keyboard. But if you have to use keys from these 40% keys then 40 keyboards are best for you.

2. Difficult to Start With a 40 Keyboard

As 40 keyboards have few keys and shorter sizes it becomes too much difficult to use at the start for a standard keyboard user. Its short size often does not fit bigger or professional hands that making 40 keyboards difficult to use. Moreover, it takes time to adjust yourself to a few keys keyboard.

3. High Prices

By looking at 40 keyboards it looks like 40 keyboards will be the cheaper keyboards but in reality, they do not. Even sometimes you will find 40 keyboards more expensive than a standard full-size keyboard. There are several reasons for it but the first and most important reason why are 40 keyboards so expensive is 40 keyboards do not generate many sales.

It takes unique machinery to make 40 keyboards and then they also need labor to assemble and test 40 keyboards which costs too much. As 40 keyboards do not generate many sales so manufacturers to fulfill their expenses increase the prices of 40 keyboards that making 40 keyboards expensive.

These are drawbacks of 40 keyboards, 40 keyboards are not much popular in the market but still, they have some worth. If you want to try a 40 keyboard then take these disadvantages of 40 keyboards before you start.

Why Get a 40 Keyboard

Good question but you should ask yourself if you need a tiny keyboard then you have to get a 40 keyboard. There can be several reasons to get 40 keyboards but it depends on the situation when you need 40 keyboard. But first, you should clarify if you really need a 40 keyboard. There are some points discussed below that will help you to identify if you need a 40 keyboard.

  1. If you have to travel with your keyboard then you should get a 40 keyboard.
  2. And if you have to use a keyboard at a job where you connect your keyboard with multiple devices then 40 keyboards will be best for you.
  3. If you have little space at your desk for the keyboard but do not have the need for a keyboard then try a 40 keyboard.
  4. First, write down situations and locations when you need a keyboard.
  5. Cut marks where you cannot use a 40 keyboard.
  6. Then imagine if it can be done easily with the standard keyboard.

These are some tips for you to answer yourself why get a 40 keyboard. 40 keyboards can entirely change your typing experience but if you do not take it seriously it can also ruin your typing or gaming so before purchasing the best 40 keyboards for yourself first look at the advantages and disadvantages of 40 keyboards to make it a good choice for you.


Mechanical keyboards that only have 40% keys of a standard keyboard are called 40 keyboards. 40 keyboards are neither much more popular in the market nor among the users but still, they have worth for some people. Because they can be the perfect choice for users who need a tiny keyboard.

Although for general use 40 keyboards are not recommended use 40 keyboards only if you know all about 40 keyboards what is a 40 keyboard, the advantages and disadvantages of 40 keyboard, etc. If you like 40 keyboards and found something interesting here then comment your thoughts right down here. Thank you! Have a Nice Day.

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