What is a 60 Keyboard? Should You Get a 60 Keyboard

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, there are multiple layouts are available for mechanical keyboards. Full size, TKL, 80%, 75%, 65%, 60%, and 40% layouts are available for mechanical keyboards in the market. But some layouts are much more popular like TKL (Tenkeyless), and 60 percent mechanical keyboard layouts are more popular among the users. Every layout has its own advantages and disadvantages over a standard full-size mechanical keyboard. Today we are going to discuss what is a 60 keyboard.

What is a 60 Keyboard

Keyboard Layout Types

Basically, people classify keyboard layouts with two different terms. First, the design or size of the keyboard as we are classifying keyboards. And the second classification depends upon the arrangement of keys on the keyboard like Q, W, E, R, T, Y layout so be careful here we will talk about only size based layouts.

There are about seven (7) different keyboard layouts available in the market named full size, TKL, 80%, 75%, 65%, 60%, and 40% layouts. These layouts are not only different from their size also contain a different number of keys based upon their size.  Due to their different sizes and their applications greatly very few layouts are popular for gaming. Some layouts are popular among office users, and some are greatly liked by shopkeepers. Here we will talk all about these mechanical keyboard layouts.

What is a Full Size Keyboard

A standard keyboard contains all of the typical keyboard keys like functional keys, navigational key cluster, arrow keys, num pad keys. And all other keys are included in a full size keyboard. A full size mechanical keyboard usually consists of 104 keys. And maybe some additional keys are available e.g media keys etc. These keyboards are the most popular keyboard type in this list. Because they are fully functional compared to any other keyboard layout.

What is a Full Size Keyboard

What is a ten keyless mechanical keyboard?

As the name clears a mechanical keyboard without ten num keys or without a num pad is called a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard, they are also called TKL mechanical keyboards. TKL keyboards are the second most popular keyboards on the list. Because they have a shorter size and are easy to adjustable Furthermore, for most of people num pad does not have importance.

What is a ten keyless mechanical keyboard

Because numerical keys are also available on the left side of the keyboard. So they prefer to have a keyboard lacking a num pad that will save them money. And space and it also makes the keyboard more portable. Tenkeyless mechanical keyboards are much more popular among gamers because they do not need a num pad. But not only gamers but some typists and programmers also like TKL mechanical keyboards.

What is an 80% Keyboard?

The Second name of TKL keyboards is 80% keyboard because it contains 80% keys compared to a standard mechanical keyboard. An 80 Keyboard has 87 keys containing, alphabetic keys, control, shift, alt, and enter keys with numerical keys upside of alphabetic keys, arrow keys, navigational key cluster, and function keys.

75% Keyboard Layout

A keyboard containing 75% keys is known as a 75 keyboard. 70 Keyboards are not much popular but they have an awesome design and typing experience. A 75% keyboard is created by removing the num pad and empty spaces among keyboard keys that make a good-looking mechanical keyboard that acquires shorter space. It looks so beautiful but 75% keyboards are not much more popular.

75% keyboard layout

There are several reasons for it, the first is 80% or tkl keyboards closely match 75% keyboards. As you can see in the image of 75% keyboard, it will be difficult to start typing with a 75% keyboard. And on the other hand, 80% keyboards have much more usability so they are beating 75% keyboards. Now it depends upon you who are best for you 75% keyboard layout or 80% keyboard layout.

What is a 65% Keyboard Layout?

If you need the proper functionality of the keyboard but with a shorter size then you are going to love 65% keyboards. 65 keyboards contain 65% or 67 or 68 keys, a 65 keyboard lacks a num pad, empty spaces among key rows, and function keys. And two navigational keys only four navigational keys are present on 60 keyboards.

What is a 65% Keyboard Layout

65% keyboards include arrow keys with four navigational keys and alphabetic and numeric keys. And other control, shift, enter, caps lock and backspace basic keys. The biggest advantage of 65% keyboards over other keyboards is it has shorter size but also have arrow keys. Arrow keys are very important, for gamers, typists, and developers too so arrow keys make 65% keyboards the best choice.

What is a 60 Keyboard?

A keyboard with only 60% keys is known as a 60 % keyboard. A 60 keyboard usually contains 62 keys that include alphabetic keys, with basic functional keys (shift, spacebar, enter, control, alt, etc…), and a row of numerical keys. But unfortunately, 60 keyboards do not have arrow keys that are a big disadvantage of 60 keyboards. But do not worry now about who needs arrow keys because there are a couple of alternatives available for arrow keys.

Are 60 Keyboards Good for Gaming, 
What is a 60 Keyboard

Due to their 60% nature, 60 keyboards do not have functional keys, arrow keys, navigational key cluster, and num pad keys. Without these keys, the functionality of 60 keyboards is greatly reduced. But still, 60 percent of keyboards are favorites for those who do not need these keys.

60 keyboards are greatly loved by gamers and have the third most popular keyboard size-based layout in the market. Although they have a few functionalities compared to full size mechanical keyboards.

What is a 40 keyboard

If you have a little usability knowledge of keyboards then I think you are going to skip 40% of mechanical keyboards. 40 keyboards contain 40% keys of a standard keyboard and usually, 40 keyboard contains 47 keys, including only alphabetic and basic command keys.

40 percent of keyboards are not much more popular but they have big applications in data entry fields. Because the acquire a short space and you can take it with you anywhere. People who need keyboards at different locations and they have to enter only alphabetic keys are big customers of 40 keyboards.

what is a 40% keyboard

These are some common layout sizes of mechanical keyboards, full size layout is the most popular design. TKL or 80% keyboards are the second most popular keyboards, 75 are less common, 65% and 60% are the third most popular keyboard sizes. However, this article is dedicated to the topic of what is a 60 keyboard so now we will talk about 60% keyboards only.

Advantages of 60 keyboard

60 keyboards have a lot of advantages over full-size and TKL mechanical keyboards and that is the reason why they are so popular. Hold your seat belts because we are going to start it with the advantages of 60% mechanical keyboards.

  1. Due to their shorter size, they are easy to adjust anywhere.
  2. Super portable keyboards.
  3. Require less space to fit at your desk.
  4. Comparatively inexpensive.
  5. Comfortable due to their ergonomic design.

These are some important benefits of 60% mechanical keyboards over full size mechanical keyboards. But by using 60 keyboards you will find some more good things about 60 keyboards. Here we cannot write everything some things have more worth if they are tested rather than hearing from someone. If you feel 60 keyboards are good for you then you should try this.

Disadvantages of 60 keyboard

A definition cannot be completed if it does not have both sides of an image. I am writing about the disadvantages of a 60 keyboard over a full size keyboard. These things can really waste your money for 60 keyboards so I think you should have some knowledge about the drawbacks of 60 keyboards.

  1. Due to the lack of some keys, the functionality of 60 keyboards is greatly reduced.
  2. No Function keys. Function keys are used for keyboard shortcuts. And without function keys, you cannot command shortcuts properly.
  3. No num pad.
  4. No arrow keys, arrow keys are very important we perform a lot of tasks using arrow keys. So without arrow keys, you may face problems. If you do not need them then it is ok for you.
  5. For a new one, it can take time to get comfortable with 60 keyboards.
  6. As we know 60% of keyboards are designed to save space, some models come with smaller keys, and these models can really affect your typing performance. So be careful before purchasing a 60 percent keyboard.

These are some major disadvantages of 60% of keyboards, after hard research we only can provide these drawbacks of 60 keyboards. Although these disadvantages do not have serious cautions so you can try a 60 keyboard.  

Should I Get a 60% Keyboard?

It depends upon personal preferences, if you can adjust with a 60% keyboard that lacks arrow keys, Function keys, navigational key cluster, and num pad then you should get a 60% keyboard.

Because regard of these limitations 60 keyboards greatly save space at your desk, have an ergonomic design, super adjustable and comfortable design, look cool, and will save you money. By keeping these advantages of 60% keyboards we recommend you should get a 60% keyboard.

You should also know 60 keyboards are highly recommended for gaming so if you are a gamer and asking us if should I get a 60% keyboard then we answer you as you should.

Are 60 Percent Keyboards Good for Programming

Although 60 keyboards do look not good for programming here I have a surprise for you. First, we will discuss how 60 keyboards are the worst for programming and then we will prove how programming can become easier if you use a 60% keyboard.

As 60 keyboards do not have arrow keys so it becomes hard to do editing you have to use the mouse to move the cursor which will take time and disrupt your programming speed. While programming programmers often perform some commands and keyboard shortcuts that save their time and energy but in 60 keyboards there are no function keys to perform shortcuts again 60% keyboards are worst for programming. A lack of navigational keys can also greatly impact your coding. So 60% of keyboards are not recommended for programming because they lack arrow keys and function keys in 60 keyboards.

If you are a software engineer or someone with creative skills then 60 keyboards will be the best choice for programming. As we know we can use both function and arrow keys by using some keyboard shortcuts in 60% keyboards. If you use arrow keys and function keys with shortcuts then you will save your hand to move away to use arrow keys.

And by using 60% keyboard you can also save some space which is good. These two benefits of 60 keyboards can really good for programming. So now you can say it that yes, 60% keyboards are good for programming if you take some technical steps with it.

Conclusion For What is a 60 Keyboard

In order to get full advantages of mechanical keyboards, you should have some knowledge of different keyboard layouts or form factors. Mechanical keyboards have multiple size-based layouts full size layouts containing a standard number of keys. Tenkeyless (TKL) or 80% keyboards, do not have num pad and contain 80% keys. 75% keyboard layout, a keyboard that has 75% keys containing 84 keys. 65% keyboard with 67 keys, 60% keyboard layouts have 62 keys, 40% keyboards have only 47 keys. Mechanical keyboards also have more layouts but they not all are common.

The 60% keyboard layout is a highly growing keyboard design because they acquire little space, and has a super adjustable design with great comfort. The ergonomic nature and inexpensive characteristics make 60% keyboards good keyboards. I hope you have enjoyed this article what is a 60 keyboard please share your thoughts in the comment box.

Thank you! have a nice day.

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