What is a Mechanical Keyboard, Features, and its Drawbacks 2022

There are different keyboards available in the market but the best of them is mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are mostly used by professionals and gamers. Due to their long-lasting durability and advanced level input mechanism.

Mechanical keyboards are durable for up to 50 million keystrokes per key which make them unique from other keyboards available on market. By keeping this in mind I am going to define what is a mechanical keyboard below.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard

A keyboard having spring switches under every key to make smooth and conventional inputs is called a mechanical keyboard. That is the main key point that converts a keyboard to a mechanical keyboard. Although there are some additional features in a mechanical keyboard like RGB lights, a strong exterior shell, and high durability advanced level switches input system makes a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards result better and more popular among professionals and gamers. But as they are expensive from scissor keyboards and ordinary keyboards they are less common for home consumers.

The main thing that differentiates a mechanical keyboard from a rubber dome keyboard and scissor keyboard is key functionality. In a mechanical keyboard, every key is designed using switches. These switches are used under all of the keys making the mechanical keyboard superb. These switches are highly functional and lead to better performance for other keyboards.

what is a mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are usually classified by the switch type used in them. There are three types of switches used in mechanical keyboards. Tactile, linear, and clicky.


Linear switches are most suitable for gamers because they are quiet with no bump. Furthermore, they are equipped with smooth technology. That results in quiet and smooth keystrokes that lead to a better gaming experience for extensive gamers.


Tactile switches are a bit quiet and produce a small bump against the registration of the keystroke. The feedback system is also good. That makes it most comfortable for professionals like coding and office use.


As clear from the name this kind of switch produces noise because they have both bump and audibility. The sound produced acts as great fun for the user and leads to more interest in the post. The sound makes you proud when you hear it because you are producing this noise from your hands.

To put it another way, mechanical keyboards use advanced-level customization that leads to some incredible features. Firstly you can replace keyboard parts if they go non-functional like you can change keycaps but often they are specific as size and space differ in different mechanical keyboards.

Secondly, the mechanical keyboard’s life span is too long compared to ordinary keyboards. A typical mechanical keyboard can last 50 million keystrokes per key button. An advance level mechanical keyboard can be working for up to 60 million keystrokes per switch key.

The durability of mechanical keyboards is not only limit to key switches’ life span. The case and other internal materials are used in mechanical keyboards. Are also highly durable that making mechanical keyboards highly long-lasting. According to a report, a mechanical keyboard can last for 10 to 15 years if used at home.

Thirdly mechanical keyboards are also improved for multiple key input strokes. A normal keyboard can tolerate around 7 keystrokes, I tested it myself with Dell ordinary keyboard but a mechanical keyboard can accept infinite keystrokes that make it awesome.

Now you can easily distinguish some factors that make a mechanical keyboard unique and so expensive. Now I am going to discuss further 6 basic points that will clear it more why are mechanical keyboards so expensive.

Features of Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard has amazing features from an ordinary keyboard keeping it in mind I researched and prepared a list of awesome features offered by mechanical keyboards.

  1. Improved input mechanism
  2. Heavy-duty Switches
  3. Strong Exterior Shell
  4. (RGB) Indicating lights
  5. Unique Design
  6. Key Register Feedback
  7. Improve your typing
  8. Smoothness
  9. Advanced Technology Integrations

Improved Input Mechanism

The basic function of the keyboard is to input information. In a mechanical keyboard, the input mechanism is greatly improved. For the sake of high performance. Smooth input keys, high durability, and modern technology integration improve mechanical keyboard input mechanisms.

Heavy Duty Switches

The switches used in mechanical keyboards are highly durable and precious. A report verified that a mechanical keyboard switch can last for up to 50 million keystrokes per switch. Furthermore, these switches give stunning sound feedback that feels very cool.

Strong Exterior Shell

An exterior shell or case is very important. In mechanical keyboards metallic shell is used to protect the keyboard from unusual strikes. Usually, aluminum is used to protect the keyboard. But in some cases, heavy-duty plastic is used to save money or some customers do not like metal so plastic is used.

Indicating Lights (RGB)

In an ordinary keyboard-only three simple indicating lights are used. But in mechanical keyboards, different RGB lights are used to indicate different inputs. And keyboard conditions. In some mechanical keyboards, RGB lights are used under every key. That looks very awesome.

Unique Design

If everything in the mechanical keyboard is superb then the design will automatically look cool. In a mechanical keyboard, RGB lights, colored keycaps, and keyboard structure make a unique awesome design that looks very attractive.

Key Register Feedback

In order to maintain high-performance high-quality key register feedback is used. I mean when someone strikes a key. It produces a feedback bump. This bump contains an awesome click sound that feels good. This feature varies with the switch type used in mechanical keyboards. The sound feedback system is appreciated by my professional typing masters.

Improve Your Typing

Using high-quality spring switch-based keys, high durability, smoothness, RGB lights, and advance technology integration mechanical keyboards improve your typing experience effectively. Ordinary keyboards offer typing experience good, but mechanical keyboard offers a better experience for professionals and for hardcore gamers.


Mechanical keyboards are very smooth to use. A heavy switch key system and advanced technology integration move your typing experience to the finest level.

Advanced Technology Integration

For better performance, advanced modern technology is used. By analysis of user experience, research from experts, and modern technology mechanical keyboards are manufactured. That is the reason why are mechanical keyboards so expensive.

Advance Technology integerations in mechanical keyboards

How do Mechanical Keyboards Work

Although the basic principle of mechanical keyboards is the same as how ordinary keyboards work. But the main difference between the functionality of these keyboards is a difference in the key input mechanism.

Mechanical keyboards use spring switches under every key. And these switches are welded to the PCB board of the keyboard. When a key is pressed, the switch got compressed and two metallic surfaces got into touch. That completes the switch circuit indicating the key is pressed by someone. When the circuit completes a message from switch to board is conveyed. The keyboard analyzes the message. And it’s transfer location to identify which key is pressed. After analysis information is communicated to the computer through wire or wirelessly.

Uses of Mechanical Keyboard

Most mechanical keyboards are not used at the home level due to their high prices. As mechanical keyboards are manufactured. By using high-quality material and modern technology mechanical keyboards are so expensive.

Due to their high durability and preciseness mechanical keyboards are used by professionals like software developers, and writers. Gamers are also used mechanical keyboards for nonstop gaming. But for basic input requirements (in the office or for home use) mechanical keyboards are not used.

  1. Gaming
    • Enhanced responsiveness for competitive gaming
    • N-key rollover and anti-ghosting features
  2. Programming and coding
    • Faster typing speed for increased productivity
    • Improved accuracy for coding accuracy
  3. Writing and content creation
    • Comfortable typing experience for long writing sessions
    • Ability to customize macros for repetitive tasks

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive

Mechanical keyboards are often 10 to 15 times more expensive than ordinary keyboards. There are different reasons behind this; here I am going to discuss some basic reasons.

In a mechanical keyboard, switches are used under every key. To improve input mechanisms that increase the cost of a mechanical keyboard multiple times. After it, a strong exterior shell, advanced technology integration, labor extensive assembly, additional parts like lights, etc. and target customers increase the cost of mechanical keyboards. That is the main reason why are mechanical keyboards so expensive.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Gaming

Pros and Cons

Although mechanical keyboards are best and referred by experts it also has some cons. As the sound from clicks may distract users etc. So here I will discuss some pros of mechanical keyboards with cons.

  • Longer Lifespan
  • RGB lights
  • Unique Design
  • Improved Rollover
  • Keycaps can be replaced
  • Keyboard can be repaired
  • High Price
  • Bump Sound Can Distract
  • High Weight


The main feature that makes a keyboard, a mechanical keyboard is a key input mechanism. In mechanical keyboards, switches are used under every key. And I hope after reading this article now you can distinguish between mechanical keyboards and ordinary keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are different benefits from ordinary keyboards but they also have some drawbacks. It depends upon you what kind of keyboard you have to buy. Reasons vary from person to person but by using my guide What is mechanical keyboard now you can decide what kind of keyboard suites you.

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