Where To Buy Cherry MX Switches

Are you a computer enthusiast looking to get the best gaming experience? Have you heard of Cherry MX switches, but don’t know where to buy them?

Cherry MX switches are the holy grail of keyboard switches, providing gamers with a precise tactile feel and loud click sound. Mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches can be expensive but they’ll last longer and provide better feedback than any other switch on the market.

If you’re serious about customizing your gaming setup, then you need to find how and where to buy these special Cherry MX mechanical keyboard switches. In this article, I’m going to review all the places you can shop for these magical keys!

Where To Buy Cherry MX Switches

When it comes to buying Cherry MX switches, there are a few different options available. The most popular is to buy them directly from Cherry’s website or an authorized reseller. This is the safest way to get original product and will usually come pre-lubed, allowing you to install them quickly and easily.


Amazon is a great place to shop for Cherry MX switches, as it offers a wide variety of brands and models at competitive prices. Additionally, Amazon has excellent customer service and fast shipping, so you won’t have to wait long for your switches to arrive.


Newegg is another popular online retailer for mechanical keyboard parts. On the plus side, Newegg offers a wide variety of Cherry MX switches at competitive prices. Additionally, they offer a 30-day return policy if you decide you don’t like the switch after all.


MechanicalKeyboards is the go-to place for all things related to mechanical keyboards. The site offers a large selection of Cherry MX switches from different manufacturers, as well as detailed information about each switch type. Additionally, MechanicalKeyboards has knowledgeable staff who are always willing to help with any questions you may have.

Local Stores:

If you don’t want to shop online, you can always find Cherry MX switches at your local computer store. However, it’s important to note that the selection may be limited compared to what you can find online.

Online Retailers:

There are several online retailers that offer Cherry MX switches. Amazon, Newegg, and MechanicalKeyboards are among the most popular and trusted sites for buying mechanical keyboards parts. Some of the more popular sites include:

  1. MechanicalKeyboards.com
  2. PrimeKB
  3. SwitchTop
  4. EliteKeyboards
  5. Originative Co

Each site has its own unique selection of switches, so it’s worth your time to browse around and see which one meets your needs. Keep in mind that some of these sites may not carry the exact switch you’re looking for, so be sure to read the product description before making a purchase.

Where To Buy Cherry MX Switches

What are the features of Cherry MX switches?

Cherry MX switches are known for their durability, responsiveness and reliability. They feature a gold-plated contact system that ensures low signal resistance and maximum durability.

Furthermore, they come with a unique locking mechanism that prevents accidental key presses. The switches also have different levels of actuation force to fit your specific needs. Cherry MX Red switches require the least amount of force, while Cherry MX Blue switches require the most.

Tips on how to install the switches correctly


Before you begin the installation process, it’s important to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and parts. You’ll need a soldering iron, solder, wire cutter, and tweezers in addition to the switches themselves. It’s also a good idea to practice soldering on some scrap material before attempting this project.


Once you have all your tools together, it’s time to clean the area where you’ll be installing the switches. This is an important step as any dirt or dust on the surface can interfere with the connection between the switch and the circuit board. Use rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth to remove any debris and make sure that everything is dry before proceeding.


Now that everything is clean and ready, you can begin soldering the switches onto the circuit board. Use a low-wattage soldering iron and keep it pointed away from yourself to avoid any accidents. Make sure that the wires connecting the switch to the circuit board are secure, then solder them into place with a dab of molten solder.


Once all the switches have been installed, it ‘s time to test them out. Connect the circuit board to a computer or power source and make sure that all of the switches are functioning properly. If everything is working as it should, you can move on to the next step.

Final Touches

The final step is to secure the switches in place with some hot glue or tape. This will help ensure that they don’t come loose over time, and it also makes the installation look much cleaner. Once all the switches are secured, your mechanical keyboard is ready to use!


In conclusion, buying Cherry MX switches doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. With all the options available online, you can easily find exactly what you need without ever having to leave your house. Not only that, but by shopping around for the best prices and deals, you can get high-quality, long-lasting switches at a fraction of the cost.

So whether you’re looking to replace an old keyboard switch or build a custom one from scratch, make sure you know where to buy the best Cherry MX switches before taking the plunge. With the right information in hand, you’ll be well on your way to creating that perfect typing experience!


What is the cost of Cherry MX switches

The average cost of a Cherry MX switch ranges from $1 – $2 USD per switch, with bulk discounts available for larger orders.

What is the best switches for Cherry MX

The best switches for Cherry MX are generally considered to be the MX Red and MX Brown for gaming, and the MX Blue for typing. The Red switch is linear and requires little force to actuate, making it popular among gamers who need fast response times. The Brown switch has a tactile bump which makes it great for all-around use, as it provides feedback when pressed but still requires minimal effort to actuate. The Blue switch is the most tactile of the three and provides an audible click, making it the best choice for typists who want extra feedback when typing.

Is Cherry MX blue better than red

This is subjective and depends on the user’s preference. Generally, Cherry MX blue switches are considered better for gaming due to their tactile feedback and loud click sound. Meanwhile, Cherry MX red switches tend to be best for typing because they require less force to actuate (press down).

Is Cherry MX Switches Worth Money

Cherry MX switches are a popular choice for gaming keyboards because of their fast and precise responsiveness. They are worth the money if you want a high quality and reliable gaming keyboard.

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