Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive 2023

Price is the main factor that holds you back from buying a potential product. If the price does not matter, then anyone can buy the best outcome. But while purchasing something, you should care if the price of this product responds to the actual cost of the product or not. That is why we will consider some aspects that will describe why mechanical keyboards are so expensive.

Before considering why mechanical keyboards are so expensive, you have to inspect the difference between an ordinary keyboard and a mechanical keyboard with scissor keyboards. The main difference between these keyboards is their working principle. So I am going to discuss more key points that make sense why mechanical keyboards are so expensive.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive
Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive

Ordinary Keyboard or Membrane Keyboard

The most commonly used keyboard is the ordinary keyboard. They are inexpensive because their assembly principle is simple, and none of the advanced keyboard technology is used while manufacturing them which makes them affordable. Now I am going to inspect some key points that make it so commonly used keyboard type.

The biggest drawback for professionals and gamers to using membrane keyboards is the lack of high responsibility. I mean, if you are pressing buttons too quickly for coding or gaming it is a higher chance the keyboard will miss some key responses, and the result will be uncomfortable. This is because members under the keys cannot return to their position to accept new keystrokes, and rapid input results are poor.

Ordinary keyboard a basic overview

And the durability of these types of keyboards against physical hits is low because standard quality material is used to solidify the keyboard case. As ordinary keyboards are assembled for home or office for everyday conditions, their stability is often not high because manufacturers desire a low-cost keyboard.

And the last thing that you should care about before using membrane keyboards is that extensive use can lead to wrist or figure injuries because ordinary keyboards are not designed for extensively extended use.

If you are a gamer or professional programmer, who uses a keyboard immensely, you should use an essentially mechanical keyboard for better results.

Scissor Keyboard

Scissor Keyboards are another type of keyboard usually used in laptops, or they are often categorized as low-profile keyboards. They are almost better than membrane keyboards but sometimes still far below mechanical keyboards.

The keyboard design is not too user-friendly. The internal design is complex but acquires little space; moreover, their design is classified as low profile. In addition, the flat design with no support leads you to suffer from different problems while working with the keyboard like strain injury, etc.

What is a scissor keyboard

And the main key point of our discussion keyboard key functionality also differs from an ordinary and mechanical keyboard. As cleared from the name, scissors are used under the key that making it super responsive a single touch can easily register the key because the scissor key requires. A few load space to work around 2nm is pretty short from mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard functionality. Yet this also has a disadvantage. As the keystroke space is low, there is a higher chance to register the keys accidentally. Even if you place something on the keyboard like your pen or room keys, that will easily stroke the key and record the key.

In the case of functionality, scissor keyboards are far away from it. Scissor keyboards are designed to occupy little space. It results in a short distance between keys that lead to confusion while rapid strokes. In addition, the scissors key has not tactile and is flat which reduces user functionality against extensive use.

The last thing that matters is the variety between keys. In the scissor keyboard, almost all keys are similar with similar spacing that makes the user uncomfortable. There is the verity that distinguishes everyone from each other and makes people comfortable with no variance user cannot differentiate between keys which results in low performance.

By keeping these essential points in mind, it is greatly visible that scissor keyboards are not for gamers and professionals. Now let’s discuss the mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are better and more popular among professionals and gamers. But as they are expensive from scissor keyboards and ordinary keyboards, they are less common for home use.

Key functionality is the main thing that differentiates a mechanical keyboard from a rubber dome keyboard and a scissor keyboard. In a mechanical keyboard, every key is designed using switches. These switches are used under all of the keys making the mechanical keyboard superb. These switches are highly functional and lead to better performance for other keyboards.

What is a mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are usually classified by the switch type used in them. There are three types of switches used in mechanical keyboards—Linear, tactile, and clicky.


These switches are a bit quiet and produce a small bump against the registration of the keystroke. The feedback system is also sound. That makes it most comfortable for professionals like coding and office use.


Linear switches are most suitable for gamers because they are quiet with no bumps. Furthermore, they are equipped with smooth technology that results in quiet and smooth keystrokes. That leads to a better gaming experience for extensive gamers.


As clear from the name, this kind of switch produces noise because they have both bumps and audibility. The sound produced acts as great fun for the user and led to more interest in the post. The sound makes you proud when you hear it because you are building this noise from your hands.

To put it another way, mechanical keyboards use advanced-level customization that leads to some incredible features. Firstly you can replace keyboard parts if they go non-functional like you can change keycaps, but often they are specific as size and space differ in different mechanical keyboards.

Secondly, the mechanical keyboard’s life span is too long compared to ordinary keyboards. A typical mechanical keyboard can last 50 million keystrokes per key button. An advance level mechanical keyboard can be working for up to 60 million keystrokes per switch key.

The durability of mechanical keyboards is not only limited to key switches’ life spans. The outer case and other internal materials are used in mechanical keyboards. They are also highly durable which makes mechanical keyboards highly long-lasting. According to a report, a mechanical keyboard can last for 10 to 15 years if used at home.

ItemsMechanical KeyboardOrdinary Keyboard
Switch KeysYesNo
Switch DurabilityUp To 50 MillionsShort
Strong External ShellYesNo
Advanced Technology IntegrationYesNo
Multiple Key Strokes at one timeInfinityup to 7
Can Be RepairedYesNo
PriceVery HighLow
Comparison Between a Mechanical Keyboard and an Ordinary keyboard

Thirdly mechanical keyboards are also improved for multiple key input strokes. A standard keyboard can tolerate around seven keystrokes, I tested it myself with Dell ordinary keyboard, but a mechanical keyboard can accept infinite keystrokes which makes it awesome.


Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 30 in 2023

Now you can easily distinguish some factors that make a mechanical keyboard unique and so expensive. Now I will discuss further 6 essential points that will clarify why mechanical keyboards are so expensive.

6 Basic Reasons Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive

Importantly from different research and documentaries, we collected data and extracted six key points that make mechanical keyboards so expensive compared to ordinary keyboards. The six primary reasons why mechanical keyboards are so expensive are listed below.

  1. Additional parts and complicated mechanism
  2. Durable and structured switches
  3. Exclusive Key Functionality
  4. High standard raw material
  5. Labor Extensive Assembly
  6. Target Consumers
ComponentsMechanical KeyboardOrdinary Keyboard
Modern Technology IntegrationYesNo
Key Register TechnologyAdvanced SwitchesBasic Membrane Input
External ShellMetallicPlastic
Circuit BoardPCB(Printed Circuit Board)basic Input Board
Indicating LightsAdvanced Level (RGB)Simple
Target CustomersGamers and ProfessionalsFor home or office use
DurabilityVery High(up to 15 years)Short
Items that make a mechanical keyboard Expensive

1. Additional Parts and Complicated Mechanism

Typical keyboards are basic electronics that convey messages from the user to the computer using membrane keys and circuit boards. The process from keystroke to feedback and key register is cheap and straightforward, due to which the durability and multiple input capacity are low.

On the other hand, for better results, the mechanical keyboard contains PCB (printed circuit board) and key switches. Only key switches cost more than ordinary keyboards. In addition to keycaps and springs, the mechanism system adds extra cost to mechanical keyboards.

2. Durable and Structured Switches

To put it on another level, high-quality key switches are used in mechanical keyboards. These switches are used under every key and are mainly mounted manually. Moreover, for higher performance, these switches are structured for none stop typing. As I already mentioned, these switches could last up to 50 million keystrokes per switch key. Making and assembling these kinds of switch keys result in too much cost.

3. Exclusive Key Functionality

In order to make mechanical keyboards highly durable and efficient, keyboard keys are designed exclusively to obtain higher results. For better key functionality, switches and keycaps are used with proper keyboard design. In addition, multiple colors and configurations make every key unique from another key which costs high.

4. High Standard Raw Material

The material used in mechanical keyboards compared to ordinary keyboards is expensive and high quality. Almost everything from a to z is high quality from a typical keyboard. The exterior shell is made from aluminum to make it highly durable against physical hits. The circuit board is also superior and functional to other keyboards. Furthermore, keycaps, lighting, and keys input system are all built with high-quality material. Source

5. Labor Extensive Assembly

For an ordinary keyboard, no modern technology is required to assemble it, in addition, a person with nontechnical knowledge. I can build a typical keyboard even when I am a teenager. I repaired my membrane keyboard without any technical details. But for mechanical keyboard highly complicated circuit is used not only. Manufacturers have to weld each switch under the key with testing that costs too much time and energy, leading to higher costs.

6. Target Customers

The last key point that makes mechanical keyboards so expensive is targeting customers. Usually, the target customers for ordinary keyboards are home and office-based users who use keyboards for basic functionality. But in the case of mechanical keyboards, the target customers are gamers and professionals like software developers or typing masters who use keyboards extensively.

A single error for these customers can lead to low productivity that cannot be tolerated. High-quality keyboards are assembled named mechanical keyboards to make them comfortable. That is the reason why manufacturing companies use high-end materials while building mechanical keyboards.

In light of these key points, I hope now you know why mechanical keyboards are so expensive.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Satisfying

Mechanical keyboards are built-in with the latest keyboard technologies. Furthermore, the design and functionality of mechanical keyboards are so satisfying that people attract to them. Smooth key functionality, decorating lights, user-friendly surface, and much more makes mechanical keyboards so gratifying.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It For High Prices

Yes, mechanical keyboards are worth it for high prices. That is true mechanical keyboards are expensive, but they are worth their high prices. To put it another way, you can verify this by testing how much it improved your typing experience.

If you are a gamer, you will notice you are playing games more effectively by responding to fast, accurate actions with the help of a mechanical keyboard. Not only will you see a lot of different improvements that you have gained with the help of a mechanical keyboard for gaming.

And if you are a writer or programmer, your typing speed will improve extensively. Soft keys with N-Key Rollover functionality, anti-ghosting features, RGB lights, and high durability made mechanical keyboards worth typing. Generally, mechanical keyboards make it comfortable to type, which improves your typing speed, and according to mechanical keyboard reviews, it improves typing speed of professional writers and programmers.

According to this information, I can confidently say that mechanical keyboards are worth it for their high prices. What’s more, by considering these key points, mechanical keyboards are not so expensive.


To that end, mechanical keyboards are superior to ordinary keyboards in all aspects, which makes mechanical keyboards so expensive. In mechanical keyboards, a high-quality circuit with a highly durable external shell is used. And the main thing that features an ordinary keyboard as mechanical keyboards is key input functionality.

In mechanical keyboards, high-standard key switches are used under every key to make it smooth and functional. That adds extra value to both keyboard quality and keyboard price.

Some factors matter, like additional parts, target customers, and assembling duty cost that makes sense. Why are mechanical keyboards so expensive? I delivered my best to collect this information and data to create the best guide on why mechanical keyboards are so expensive. If you want to know how mechanical keyboards work.

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